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Boy, 8, cried ‘he killed my mummy’ after she was stabbed by ‘jealous’ boyfriend

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A boy shouted "he killed my mummy" as a jealous boyfriend stabbed his partner to death, then calmly called police and her mother to confess.

Carl Antonio Scott, 46, repeatedly knifed Jayde Hall, 26, in the face and neck after she returned home from drinks with a male colleague.

He was charged with her murder in Meir, Stoke-on-Trent, but was found hanged in his cell two days later, Mail Online reports.

Neighbours heard arguing from her home and her eight-year-old son scream "he killed my mummy" on May 24 2019, an inquest on Tuesday was told.

Detective Inspector Cheryl Hannan, from Staffordshire Police, told the hearing at Stoke Civic Centre that police were called at 9.59pm and Ms Hall was confirmed dead at 11.31pm.

The DI added: "A male made the call stating he had stabbed Jayde. He stated he discarded the weapon. Police officers attended and found Jayde with the injuries."

Officers found her in the kitchen with Scott having walked to a friend's house.

DI Hannan added: "He called the police to say he killed Jayde. He told [Jayde's mum] Tricia he killed Jayde.

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"He also visited a friend between the hours of the killing and him being arrested. He said he got into a fight with Jayde and she has died. He said 'she's got a new boyfriend and I was jealous'."

CCTV footage revealed Ms Hall was only home for 25 minutes before she was killed by her partner of 12 months.

Her mother Tricia Green said: "I left work and was driving in my car. My phone rang and it was a missed call from Jade at 10.09pm. I phoned back and she didn't answer. I rang a second time and a male voice came to the phone. It was Carl. He said 'Jayde had been seeing someone from work and I just killed her'.

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"I was in shock. His voice was calm. I drove along the A50 to get to Jayde's house. When I got there I saw police cars."

Coroner Emma Serrano concluded: "She was in a relationship with someone. There was some controlling behaviour. He was jealous of her relationship with her colleagues at work. She went to a new job and he lost his job.

"Jayde wanted him to leave. He continued to sleep on the sofa. Jayde and her son arranged to stay with her dad and step-mum.

"On May 24 she phoned her dad and asked if she could stay. Her dad said 'yes'.

"At 9.59pm her ex left the address and made a call to the police admitting that he had killed her. He made the call from her phone. Police and paramedics attended and she was found passed away in the utility room with multiple stabs to the neck and face.

"On the balance of probabilities I am satisfied that Jade was unlawfully killed."

Her cause of death was given as multiple stab wounds.

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