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Anti-vax nurse accused of injecting 8000 people with saline instead of vaccine

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An anti-vax nurse is suspected of injecting more than 8000 people with saline instead of the Covid vaccine.

Authorities in northern Germany have now appealed to thousands of people to get another shot of the jab.

The Red Cross nurse is suspected of injecting a harmless salt solution into people's arms instead of genuine doses at a vaccination centre in Friesland.

The fake jabs were thought to have administered in the rural district during the early spring, the Guardian reports.

Regional authorities issued the call on Tuesday to about 8,600 residents who may have been affected with local councillor Sven Ambrosy saying: “I am totally shocked by this episode.”

Most of thought to be given fake jabs in March and April were elderly and at high risk of catching Covid.

Police investigator Peter Beer told a German press conference that said that based on witness statements there was “a reasonable suspicion of danger”.

The nurse has not been named and her motives were not yet clear.

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She had however aired sceptical views about vaccines in social media posts, police investigators said.

It was not immediately clear whether the suspect had been arrested or charged in the case.

Broadcaster NDR said the case has been handed to a special unit that investigates politically motivated crimes.

Local police declined to comment outside normal working hours.

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Earlier this week we reported that an anti-vax mum who is outspoken on social media about the coronavirus pandemic had filmed herself proudly licking stuff in a supermarket in a message against "fear".

Jodie Meschuk, from Colorado, US, appeared to wrongly claim all vaccines are dangerous on her social media pages and has also said she will unfollow people who think "fresh air" will kill them.

She also filmed herself licking various objects in the unknown store.

At first, it was only the bag she's using for her veggies but she then went on to lick her trolley and slobber on the door handle of a fridge being used to store beer.

Jodie wrote: "Be free! Love over fear," in the final shot as she grinned into the camera.

Because other people will have to touch the saliva-coated objects after her, most people thought it was pretty disgusting and inconsiderate behaviour.

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