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Colorado man pleads guilty for actions in Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot

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A Coloradan who illegally entered the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot that disrupted the certification of the 2020 presidential election pleaded guilty to a federal crime Monday.

Glenn Wes Lee Croy of Colorado Springs pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of parading, demonstrating or picketing inside the Capitol, court documents show. The charge carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a $10,000 fine. Croy’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Oct. 15.

Croy is one of 10 Colorado residents charged with crimes in connection to the Jan. 6 riots.

Croy, 46, was arrested Croy on Feb. 17. Croy told someone on Facebook that he was in the Capitol the day of the riots and sent the person a photo and video from inside the building, Croy’s arrest affidavit states. The recipient of the photo and videos then sent the information to the FBI.

The person told agents that Croy had a Twitter account with posts about traveling to Washington. The FBI found Croy’s Twitter account, which has since been deleted. On it, he had responded to a tweet from GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert that asked “Who is going to be in DC on January 6th to stand with President Donald Trump?” with “fellow Coloradan we will be there,” the affidavit states.

FBI agents were also able to access records that showed Croy’s phone was in the Capitol on the day of the riot, the affidavit states.

Croy agreed to be interviewed by law enforcement about the events of Jan. 6 as part of his plea, according to the agreement.

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