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‘Outrageous!’ Tice furious as Brexit Party relaunch group has bank account shut down

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Mr Tice – who leads the relaunched Reform UK – branded the move by Metro Bank as “outrageous” and said it was politically motivated. This comes just months after the Brexit Party was relaunched in November 2020.

However, the party’s leader confirmed he had received a letter from the bank last month which said the party’s account would be shut down in 60 days.

He told the Sunday Telegraph: “It is absolutely outrageous.

“We are fifth in the polls.

“It’s not like we’re extremist zealots.

“We got 300,000 votes in the May elections.

“If we’re a proper functioning democracy then new disrupters need to be able to operate.

“You can’t operate if you don’t have a bank account that you can pay bills with.”

In his attack on the bank, Mr Tice claimed the decision was “based on politics” and “the difficulty for banks of being involved with politically exposed persons and political parties”.

Mr Tice claimed four high street banks turned down the Brexit Party when it was set up in 2018 before Metro Bank became its banker.

Metro Bank’s letter to Reform UK said “after careful consideration, we are unable to continue to act as your bankers”.

In a statement, the bank said: “We regularly review our customer accounts and close those which are no longer commercially viable.

“The decision to close the Brexit Party account was made for commercial reasons only as a business as usual decision.

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“Metro Bank is and will remain politically neutral.”

Back in March, former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage announced he was stepping down and had no plans to return to politics.

Mr Farage said he is stepping down after finally seeing Brexit through and was replaced by Mr Tice.

He said: “There is no going back – Brexit is done.

“That won’t be reversed.

“I know I’ve come back once or twice when people thought I’d gone, but this is it. It’s done. It’s over.”

The eurosceptic added: “Now’s the moment for me to say I’ve knocked on my last door.

“I’m going to step down as the leader of Reform UK.

“I’ll have no executive position at all.

“I’m quite happy to have an honorary one, but party politics, campaigning, being involved in elections, that is now over for me because I’ve achieved the one thing I set out to do: to achieve the independence of the UK.”

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