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Girl flees prom in tears as as ‘cruel’ parents laugh at her for wearing suit

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A devastated schoolgirl fled her prom in tears after parents of other children there "laughed at her for wearing a suit".

Mischa Parker, 11, "normally wears more boys gendered clothing like hoodies and baggy trousers" but her mum says she was subjected to "disgusting" comments at the prom, LeedsLive reports.

The schoolgirl had been cheered on by her family and school friends when she decided to wear the suit for the Fountain Primary School event wearing a suit and bow tie.

But her night was sadly ruined when other parents who had stayed began cruelly laughing at her and calling her "suit girl".

Mischa asked her mum Tamara Auty, 33, from Morley, West Yorkshire, to pick her up and take her home and burst into tears when she arrived.

Tamara said: "I think it was an attack on her individuality, I work in mental health myself and I just think it was really disgusting.

"Me at eleven, I had no idea who I was, but Mischa has always known who she is and what she likes.

"I’d taken her shopping the day before and she was really excited trying it on.

"She was a bit nervous hoping nobody laughed at her."

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Last Wednesday Mischa, her mum and her brother Thomas, nine, went to H&M to help her pick out the outfit, which Tamara says looked "absolutely amazing and stylish".

Mischa's family were all in agreement that she was dressed perfectly to mark the end of primary school, and the 11-year-old started to get excited for the party the next day.

Her mum said: "I’d straightened her hair for her, she’d put a bit of mascara on, nails painted black and normally she doesn’t bother with makeup or do anything with her hair.

"She was a little bit nervous but felt really good, she really liked the suit.

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"She had been knocked down recently confidence-wise so it was quite a big thing for her to wear the suit as she hates dresses, she's not a girly-girl."

Mischa waited for her friends before going into Fountain Primary School as she didn't want to go in alone, and they all showered her with praise.

But a couple of hours later, Tamara received an upsetting text from her daughter reading 'Can you pick me up now?'.

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She said: "Mischa's normally not very cuddly, doesn’t really show emotion, doesn’t really get upset easily. She's just quite a strong character

"When I got to prom I cuddled her and she just burst into tears and said 'I need to get out of here'."

After arriving back home, Tamara followed her distraught daughter to her bedroom and asked her what had happened.

She said: "Some of the adults who had stayed at prom called her 'suit girl' and sniggered.

"Every time she was walking past these parents she could hear them commenting and laughing.

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"She said 'do you think I should change my fashion?' as she normally wears more boys gendered clothing like hoodies and baggy trousers.

"I said no, you be who you are."

Tamara said that she wants to raise awareness of what happened to her child to prevent other children being hurt in the future.

She said: "I just think it's disgusting, especially with adults who know better. You expect it to be more the kids.

"If she had gone to prom in a dress she would've been unconformable, why should she not be happy?

"I think she’s brave for being who she is. Be who you are and celebrate who you are, don't be torn down for standing out."

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