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Man rips necklace from dogwalker’s neck in terrifying daylight robbery

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A shocking video shows a man grab a woman by the neck while she is out walking her dog and tear off her jewelry.

In the clip, recorded in New York City on August 3, a woman is walking down a busy street with a pet Chihuahua and a friend when a man on a bicycle approaches from behind.

Just as they are passing, he suddenly lunges out and grabs her neck which sends both women into a panic.

While the woman in the pink shirt flees, the other one struggles in the grip of her attacker and drops her phone and the leash of her dog.

The Chihuahua watches the attack and looks confused.

When the man gets the necklace he walks back to his bicycle and leaves the scene, while the shocked women regroup and the one who was attacked retrieve her dog and her phone.

New York Police Department appealed for information on Twitter and said the robbery happened in Bleecker Street in the Queens district.

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The force said the victim was 26 years old and was "walking her dog when the suspect approaches her from behind in a bike, and forcibly removes her necklace".

Since the clip was uploaded on August 5, it has been watched more than 30,000 times and people were shocked by the callous crime.

One user said: "I feel sorry for the girls; he scared them to death."

A second person commented: "Seriously hope he is caught and also hope that her necklace was cosmetic and not worth much…

"Though surprised he didn’t take her cell that was dropped on the floor."

A third user said: "The idea that he wasn't stopped by anyone or wasn't caught right away so mind-blowing."

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