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Unapologetic rapist who had baby with girl, 13, confronted by secret daughter

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A cruel rapist who impregnated a 13-year-old girl and escaped punishment for nearly 50 years, was today condemned by the now grown-up child he fathered who saw him finally brought to justice.

Carvel Bennett, now aged 74 and from Erdington, Birmingham has today been jailed for 11 years and will face dying behind bars after being found guilty of the historic rape case dating back to the 1970s.

During sentencing, a statement from his daughter born from that harrowing ordeal who was given up for adoption was read out in court, as she condemned him in a statement for robbing her of a chance to bond with her birth mother.

Bennett was finally forced to take responsibility for his crime in 2019 when the victim felt able to testify and a subsequent jury trial at Birmingham Crown Court found him guilty of rape.

During the trial, a court heard how the victim was "scared" and could not fight off her attacker during the sexual encounter and later discovered she was carrying his baby and tried in vain to disguise her pregnancy in her school jumper, BirminghamLive reports.

She gave birth aged 14, and DNA showed the baby girl was Bennett's and she was put up for adoption.

The daughter said: "Carvel Bennett you have caused total carnage. Your act of violence decimated any potential relationship between my birth mother and me because you chose to rape a child."

She also talked about the difficulties of growing up being of different ethnicity to her foster parents, her long fight for justice, and the complex relationship she has with her birth mother.

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The woman continued: "You have avoided justice for 45 years.

"You have got to have a family life, had the opportunity to get married, live with children and see them grow up.

"Because you raped a child I only had seven days at the hospital with my birth mother.

"I read my grandmother visited and thought I looked like you."

But rather than owning up to his crime, Bennett evaded punishment for 45 years and only offered up a vague "sorry" to his victim through the courts when pressed about what happened.

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He instead replied: "I'm sorry for whatever pain caused to anyone else, it wasn't a deliberate contemplated act."

During the trial, Peter Glenser QC, put it to Bennett whether he was specifically sorry to the rape victim, to which his astonishing reply was: "I don't feel I have to apologise to her. I don't feel I have done anything to her."

When Bennett took to the witness box and was asked if he was "ashamed" to which he continued to deflect the gravity of the situation and simply replied "for getting myself in this situation".

Bennett, who worked in fabricating and welding in the 70s, even went on to deny he was attracted to the victim and claimed having sex with her was "just something that happened" and a "situation that built that day".

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But upon sentencing, Judge Martin Hurst said new guidelines mean he will serve two-thirds of the term in custody before being released on licence.

Bennett will also have to sign the sex offenders for life.

West Midlands Police Superintendent Wendy Bailey said: "We remain committed to seeking justice for rape victims, and survivors may only feel ready to talk about abuse they suffered many years after the incidents occurred. Whenever they do feel ready, the police and wider support services are here for them, as this case demonstrates.

"We have specially trained officers to deal sensitively and compassionately with victims of sexual offences; they are able to support and guide them every step of the way from initial report to court conclusion."

If you or somebody you know has been affected by this story, contact Victim Support for free, confidential advice on 0845 30 30 900 or visit their website,

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