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UK storm tracker LIVE: Met Office warns 14hrs of storm chaos to hit Britain before weekend

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UK Weather: Met Office predicts bright spells with sporadic downpours

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The Met Office yellow warning applies to central and northern England and Ireland on Friday. This covers all of northern England, from Birmingham to Glasgow, as well as Ireland, over Belfast and Derry.

Forecasters warn “very large rainfall totals” are also expected in Scotland, so the UK is looking wet this summer.
The Met Office warns that Friday’s thundery downpours could cause flooding between 10am and midnight.
It said: “There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater.”
However, there will also be some sunny spells, heavy downpours and even possibly hail this week as ‘prolonged rain’ is forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The consistent stormy downpours predict another heatwave in mid to late August.
Meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “There is the risk of some very large rainfall totals building up through Friday and into Saturday for some central and eastern parts of Scotland.”
He expects the weather to stay cool, unsettled and changeable at the end of the working week.

The weather expert added: “It is likely to settle down a little more by Sunday with the more classic mixture of bright spells and showers.”
Temperatures are expected to rocket later this month, with some predicting 30’C.
It comes after the Isle of Wight experienced torrential downpours with over a month’s worth of rainfall in one night yesterday.
More than 120mm of rain fell near the town of Ventnor.



  • What to do if you get a flood warning17:15
  • Live map shows exactly WHERE the torrential rainfall will strike16:56
  • 15:25 14 hours of storms this week

    Up to 14 hours of rain are expected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

    On Friday there is a warning of potential flooding between 10am and midnight.

    11:35 Rain expected in Scotland by dawn

    Daytime showers will ease this evening and a few rays of sunshine will peak through later today.

    Tonight will be dry with small patches of mist.

    Cloud will build and some rain will hit Northern Ireland and western parts of Scotland by dawn.

    21:19 More than 130mm of rain battered Isle of Wight today

    More than 130mm of rain battered the Isle of Wight today, new figures have revealed. 

    Bonchurch received the highest level of rainfall with 134.11mm of rain being recorded.

    Other areas also experienced a large volume of rain including Ventnor (96.81mm), Westridge (72.39mm), Elmfield (54.61mm), and Seaview (33.92mm).

    There was major flash flooding in several locations across the island including Brading, Nettlestone, Ryde and Ventnor.

    21:05 Met Office Tuesday forecast

    It will be a brighter and sunnier start to Tuesday, according to the Met Office.

    Showers will creep in across south and central England and Wales from mid-morning and remain in place throughout the day and into the evening. 

    20:29 Thunderstorm patch in the west of England intensifies

    An area of thunderstorms can be seen across Wells, Burnham-on-sea, Weston-super-Mare and up to Bristol. 

    There is currently a yellow weather warning across much of southern and central England and Wales, however, this patch of England is bearing the brunt of it at the moment. 

    The Met Office has warned that up to 50mm of rain could fall in a matter of hours which is bad news for an already waterlogged Britain. 

    20:00 Shore Hill re-opened after damage inflicted by torrential rain

    Shore Hill, Isle of Wight, has re-opened after being closed earlier today.

    After a month’s worth of rain fell in a matter of hours, the road began to flood and 50kg manhole covers were lifted out by the force of the water. 

    Cracks then began to appear in the road and it was quickly closed for the safety of the public. 

    Island Roads has carried out initial repairs to the lower section of the road and Shore Hill has now re-opened under traffic signals. 

    19:19 Rain for southern England and Wales tomorrow

    Tomorrow will be mostly dry with some sunny spells, according to BBC Weather’s forecast. 

    However, the far south west may see some patchy rain and scattered showers are on the menu in the afternoon, mainly across southern England and Wales.

    Temperatures will be nudging a modest 21 degrees as Brits wait for the return of summer weather. 

    19:05 Cluster of lightning bolts batter west

    77 bolts of lightning have been recorded across Gloucester and Bristol in the last hour, according to Net Weather. 

    A total of 174 bolts of lightning have been recorded across the UK so far today. 

    The cluster of lightning bolts electrifying the west can be seen in the map below:

    18:46 Flood warning lifted in Monktonmead Brook at St Johns

    Earlier today there was a flood warning in place at Monktonmead Brook at St Johns.

    Residents were told flooding was expected in their area and action was immediately required to protect their homes, businesses and personal safety.

    That warning has now been lifted which means immediate action is no longer required. 

    18:36 Flood alert lifted in Ryde

    Earlier today more than half a month’s rain fell in only two hours in Ryde, prompting a flood alert to be activated in the area.

    That flood alert has now been lifted which means residents can stop preparing for an imminent flood. 

    18:15 'Expect heavy downfalls,' said BBC

    The Met Office has warned that there will be heavy downfalls this week: “Where they do occur, expect heavy rain and large rainfall totals in a short period of time.”

    This will come as bad news for those affected by flooding in the last week.

    There is currently a yellow weather warning in place cautioning thunderstorms which covers areas including Cardiff, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and London and is in place until 11pm.

    18:00 Fears of a landslip in Ventnor

    There are fears of a potential landslip due to huge amounts of floodwater on the Cascades in Ventnor today.

    The torrential rain caused significant damage to the road running through the area including manholes being pushed out and cracks in the tarmac forming. 

    This comes after a landslip earlier today at Wheelers Bay, near Ventnor. 

    The landslip caused parts of the cliff to collapse onto a tractor and boat below. 

    17:45 Elderly couple rescued from car in four feet of floodwater

    An elderly couple had to be rescued from their car today after finding themselves stuck in four feet of flood water. 

    Thankfully, the man and woman were not injured. 

    Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service urged residents not to attempt to drive through flooded roads or fords.

    “The water is often deeper than it looks and may be moving quite fast,” it said.

    17:39 What is happening when a shower becomes a downpour?

    Torrential showers happen as a result of towering clouds, called cumulonimbus clouds, which can be more than seven miles high. 

    The hight and vast moisture content of these clouds is what causes torrential rain.

    If there is very little wind – as was the case in the Isle of Wight today – then there is nothing to push the clouds along and they can hover locally for hours dropping vast amounts of rain on the area below.

    The huge amounts of rain in a concentrated area is what causes flash flooding because the drainage systems become overwhelmed.

    BBC Weather has created a video explaining the process, here:

    17:31 Road destroyed by rain blocked off from the public

    The road in the Isle of Wight which was destroyed by heavy rainfall is closed with alternative traffic arrangements yet to be decided. 

    In a Tweet, the Isle of Wight’s Highway service ‘Island Roads’ wrote: “Shore Hill, Ventnor, is now closed for assessments, investigation and repairs.

    “We are currently considering alternative traffic arrangements given the traffic restrictions in place at the other end of the Esplanade/Bath Road.

    “These arrangements will be communicated when agreed.”

    17:15 What to do if you get a flood warning

    A yellow thunderstorm warning active across much of the southern and central areas today until 11pm brings with it the increased change of flooding. 

    There is currently one flood warning active in Monktonmead Brook at St Johns, Isle of Wight after more than a month’s rain fell earlier today. 

    A flood warning means that you must act immediately because flooding is expected in your area and water levels could rise very quickly.

    Here’s what the Environment Agency advises if there is a flood warning issued in your area: 

    Move your vehicles to higher ground only if it’s safe to do so. 

    Move important items upstairs or to a safe place in your property, starting with cherished items and valuables, then furniture and furnishings.

    Make sure to turn off the gas, electricity and water supplies if it’s safe to do so; never touch an electrical switch if you’re standing in water.

    If you have property protection products such as flood barriers, or air brick covers, use them now and then move your family and pets to safety as quickly as possible.

    17:10 Live map shows areas affected by thunderstorms

    This graphic, courtesy of, shows the areas in the west of the country which are experiencing thunderstorms: 

    17:01 Isle of Wight beaches suffer sewage overflow issues after torrential rain

    Isle of Wight beaches are suffering water quality issues after more than a month’s rain fell in a matter of hours today.

    11 warnings have been posted by Southern Water cautioning unsafe water – a combination of sewage and stormwater. 

    The areas marked by a ’24’ symbol are places where there has been a combined sewage overflow in the past 24 hours.

    16:56 Live map shows exactly WHERE the torrential rainfall will strike

    This graphic, courtesy of, shows exactly where the heaviest rainfall is landing: 

    16:50 Risk of torrential downpours will continue for HOURS, says Met Office

    The unseasonably soggy weather in the south and central areas is not going anywhere fast, according to Met Office predictions. 

    The showers will continue into the evening with the yellow thunderstorm warning in place until 11pm. 

    It will be drier and brighter in the north this evening. 

    16:36 Isle of Wight records wettest July since 1920

    The Isle of Wight recorded it’s wettest July since 1920 last month with 115.4mm of rain.

    The amount of rain today has already surpassed that figure – more than 120mm. 

    Flooding is expected to affect the area with one flood alert and one flood warning currently in place. 

    Forecasters are predicting that weather conditions will not greatly improve unitl the middle of the month.

    15:50 Torrential rainfall damages road in the Isle of Wight

    A large crack has appeared on Shore Hill, Isle of Wight following a deluge of torrential rainfall. 

    Shore Hill is now closed after more than a month’s rain pummelled Ventor earlier today. 

    During the apocalyptic rainfall, the force of the water lifted a 50kg manhole cover along Shore Hill and the public has been advised to stay away. 

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