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Dog left to die in park ‘unrecognisable’ from injuries found by ‘sick’ woman

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A woman found a dog in a park that had been so badly neglected that the poor animal was unrecognisable.

According to witnesses the dog was crawling with maggots and its hair was completely matted all over from not being cared for.

In fact the appearance of the dog had morphed to such a degree that the woman initially thought it was a pile of rags, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Clearly upset, the woman said: "I just saw two young children saying ‘I think it is dead’ which drew my attention to something but I had no idea it was a dog as it looked like a pile of rags

"I wrapped her in a blanket and tried to give her some water – she was breathing but not moving.

"I called the vets and they told me to take her straight in. I actually thought she had passed away in my car on the way."

Vets were unable to confirm the breed because of the 'shocking state' she was left in, although it was most likely a shih tzu type dog.

Basic assessment such as the dog's age could not be taken because veterinary staff were unable to open her mouth through her hair.

Sadly, due to the dog's poor health and suffering, the vet made the unavoidable decision to put the dog to sleep.

The woman added: "I was so upset and shaking. I still feel sick and tearful thinking about this poor dog – it was horrific. I really hope someone knows who is responsible."

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The RSPCA has now launched an investigation after the dog , which went through 'years of suffering', was dumped in Thirlmere Park, in Anfield and found at around 7pm on Tuesday, July 27.

RSPCA inspector Lisa Lupson is now investigating and desperate for the public's help in finding answers.

She said: "This dog has clearly endured years of suffering and I have never seen such a terrible case of matting in my time as an RSPCA inspector.

"Sadly the photograph speaks a thousand words and the dog even looks as though it has more than four legs but it is matted fur which has grown into long and heavy pieces."

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"There were maggots crawling on the fur which could have been from a wound underneath the matts or from all the faeces which had built up in her coat over a prolonged period.

"She was in an absolutely horrific state and I have found it terribly upsetting to deal with this case."

The animal charity is asking anyone with information to call the appeals line on 0300 123 8018.

"I am now hoping someone will know the person who owned this dog and allowed her to suffer so terribly before callously dumping her to die a lingering death," Lisa added.

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