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Afghan President in desperate plea for ‘uprising’ against Taliban – ‘Killers of humanity’

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Taliban is 'more powerful than ever' says commentator

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Speaking in Afghanistan’s national parliament in Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani, 72, called for a “national uprising” against the insurgent Taliban troops.

The Taliban has orchestrated targeted attacks against three major cities and a key airport as they continue to ramp up the pressure against Government forces.

Currently, the western city of Herat and southern city of Lashkar Gah are experiencing high levels of conflict.

While President Ghani issued the rallying cry to the people of Afghanistan, he also lambasted the Jihadists for failing to negotiate a peace agreement.

He said at a cabinet meeting: “We want peace but they want us to surrender.”

Ghani went on to add “the fate of peace will be determined on the battlefield” and set out a six-month plan to restore control in Afghanistan.

“We have done our best and are still doing our best to save our nation from these brutal killers of humanity.

“Our security plan is clear… we have made all the preparations to put an end to this wave of sedition in the next six months and reach a state of stability.

“An important element of this plan is the mobilisation of the people alongside our security and defence forces.”

The 72-year-old argued taking the fight to the Taliban was a holy duty for his compatriots.

Ghani said: “Our aspiration was to achieve lasting and just peace from the beginning and we still have that aspiration [but] this war has been imposed on us.

“It is God’s command that if someone is an aggressor and does not stop aggression, fighting against that evil… is a duty of a Muslim society.”

But Ghani, who gave up his US citizenship in 2009 to run for President, also blamed the Americans for the worsening situation in the area.

Earlier this year, American President, Joe Biden, announced US troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

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“The reason for our current situation is that the decision was taken abruptly,” Ghani said.

The White House expects the total departure of US forces to be complete by August 31.

However, Afghanistan’s President claimed the Taliban had breached the agreement reached with the Americans that led to US troops being pulled from the region.

He said: “Not only has the Taliban not cut ties with domestic and international terrorists but these ties have become stronger, their violence has increased.”

The Taliban reject Ghani’s comments.

Taking to Twitter, the Taliban’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said: “Declarations of war, accusations and lies cannot prolong Ghani’s Government’s life; his time has run out, God willing.”

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