Thu. May 19th, 2022


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Wintry weather to replace warm spell with showers throughout the week

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Kiwis enjoying the recent run of warmer temperatures across the country will see a return to normal winter conditions next week.

Temperatures should recede into the early teens as intermittent showers spread across the North and South Islands.

It’ll be a stark change for those on the lower west coast of Te Ika-a-Māui (North Island), who have been revelling in a northeasterly flow. Yesterday, Whanganui reached 20C and was at 21C on Friday – 6C higher than normal for the end of July.

In fact, Whanganui’s 21C on Friday appeared to the highest temperature recorded for this time of year, according to records going back to 2007. There was even confidence it was a record temperature prior to 2007 after analysis of older data.

Blenheim was close behind yesterday with 19C, 4C above average for the time of year. Even the likes of Porirua got to 18C, which was about 5C above average.

MetService forecaster Gerard Bellam predicted cooler temperatures would start from tomorrow as rain developed across Te Waipounamu (South Island) from the west.

In the north, fine conditions were expected in the east as showers hit northern and western areas. Auckland was set to reach 16C with showers turning into rain in the evening.

Showers would continue for most of the country on Tuesday with cold southerly winds hitting the east coast.

A narrow ridge of high pressure should give Kiwis a reprieve from the rain on Wednesday before it returned on Thursday through a low pressure system.

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