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‘France gets what it deserves for Macron’s arrogance’ Britons rage at bizarre lavender ban

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Frexit campaigner hits out at 'old fashioned' EU

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A draft European Union regulation could classify lavender as a dangerous plant, with the likelihood of warnings being placed on bottles. But the potential regulation from the EU could see all essential oils being placed under serious threat. Lavender is cultivated by some 1,500 producers, accounting for 30,000 full-time jobs that include catering to the millions of tourists in the south of France who come for the panoramic views of purple fields.

The news has sparked a backlash in France, with one Twitter user raging: “How much longer are we going to allow European officials to project entire sectors of our ancient commerce into bankruptcy on the pretext that they have thought up a ‘standard’?”

Generation Frexit President Charles-Henri Gallois said: “Lavender essential oils or our cheeses, the EU wants to control and sanitise everything.

“It is time to take back control and decide for ourselves our future, our standards, our laws and our model of society.”

The plan to ban lavender was first introduced by Brussels in 2016, while European regulations linked the plant to chemical toxins.

But Britons have shown little sympathy towards France, illustrating the benefits of Brexit and the UK being able to free itself from the shackles the EU places on its 27 remaining member states.

Reacting to our initial story, one reader raged: “France gets what it deserves. Beautiful country shame about its leadership of arrogance.”

A second person said: “Welcome to the pleasure dome France.

“The EU ruined UK industry over 40 odd years. Now it’s your turn.”

Another reader wrote: “The EU made it quite clear, you cannot cherry-pick the bits you like but take the whole package.

“So France must follow the rules or get out because they cannot sell or export products not to EU standards.”

Several other people directed their fury towards the EU, with one reader commenting: “The only thing toxic is Brussels.”

Another added: “All out of ideas about what really needs to be fixed, next they will ban wine.

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“The EU is really the most ridiculous organisation on the planet.

“Why all the member countries haven’t just said exit I really don’t understand.”

EU lawmakers have warned lavender oil’s potential to produce allergies places it within regulations on chemical toxins.

Consequently, lavender products will have to display labels with bold black messages such as “can be fatal if swallowed or inhaled”.

French lavender producers are not against mentioning the potential for an allergy risk on their products, but strongly oppose the kinds of standout labels found on chemicals used in industrial processes.

Lavender producers have hit back at the rules, highlighting how only rashes result from allergies to lavender oils.

They also point out lavender oil was used as an antiseptic until the beginning of the 20th century, and is still proven for its healing and calming qualities.

The European Commission has even admitted any substance hose contents depend on the amount of sun it receives and the kind of soil it springs from is difficult to classify as a chemical product.

In 2016, EU authorities met lavender producers to look at ways to help them conform to the law, but the new regulations suggest little progress was made.

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