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‘They are naive!’ Why an independent Scotland would struggle to match EU’s demands

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Scotland 'naive' about joining EU says McCrae

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Dr Nial McCrae, a political expert for the Bruges Group think tank reflected on the future of an independent Scotland. During an interview with, Dr McCrae argued that Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP party are being naive. He claimed it was naive to believe the EU would accept an independent Scotland.

He highlighted some of the issues that would plague an independent Scotland if it wanted to join the EU.

Dr McCrae said: “The Scottish Europhile lobby thinks that the EU would welcome them with open arms by the EU.

“I think that is a bit naive.

“Scotland would, of course, would have to pass all the tests as would any other new member state.

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“An independent Scotland, if that came about, would have to adopt the Euro currency, budgetary monitoring and the EU army.

“The EU is changing and the project is becoming more and more federalist.”

Dr McCrae also claimed Scotland would not likely be able to have an independence referendum.

He claimed that Boris Johnson has a serious weapon to use against Ms Sturgeon to crush her dreams for the next 20 years.

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He said: “It is very hard for Boris Johnson to make any kind of impact with the Scottish public.

“The only weapon he has got, Boris, it is perhaps the most effective weapon of all is that the Scots have had their referendum on independence.

“They have already had it and a decisive majority were in favour of staying in the UK, 55 percent.

“Of course, the SNP would like to have a referendum every year and just hope they get over the 50 percent threshold.

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“Boris Johnson and the Westminster Government can legitimately deny any further referendum for at least 20 years.

“That was supposed to be a once in a lifetime vote.

“So I think Boris Johnson can legitimately say this is not the time for another divisive referendum.”

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