Sat. May 28th, 2022


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Westminster voters rebuff expensive recall of city councilman Jon Voelz over water rates

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Westminster City Councilman Jon Voelz will not face a recall after residents overwhelming voted against it Tuesday. Voelz had been at the center of a recall campaign over water rates in the city.

Unofficial election results revealed 10,339 people (62%) voted for Voelz to retain his seat while 6,364 people voted to recall him. Some residents were unhappy with a hike in water bills over the past year.

The victory for Voelz ends a 10-month recall effort led by the Westminster Water Warriors that saw frequent disagreements among the city council members. The recall campaign also included Councilwoman Kathryn Skulley, Mayor Anita Seitz and former Mayor Herb Atchison, all on claims regarding water rates.

“Our goal has always been to simply put an end to escalating water rates. As the city council will soon vote again on water rates for 2022, we will now look to see whether Mr. Voelz’s recent vote against a rate increase represents a true change from his prior stance, or whether that was simply a calculated political move aimed at thwarting his recall,” the Westminster Water Warriors wrote on Facebook.

Voelz’s must run again in November when his seat is up for reelection. According to the Westminster Window, the recall election cost the city around $250,000 because it was not part of a coordinated county election.

“Westminster residents are being misled because I was not even on the City Council at the time of the vote on water rates that triggered the recall effort,” Voelz said in a statement. “I have never voted for a water rate increase during my time on Council. The only vote I have taken on water rates was for a zero increase to rates due to COVID-19.”

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