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Brits hit back at Americans mocking them about heatwave that’s ‘only 31C’

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Brits have been left fuming after Americans teased them on TikTok for struggling to cope with the heatwave – which is not very hot by US standards.

The row was sparked when a teenager made a video calling British people "p***ies" when she converted 31C and discovered it was a mere 88F.

Already riled up, perhaps from sleepless nights in the muggy heat, the video was inundated with abusive messages by Brits and the original user eventually deleted it.

But another TikTok user has now created a video explaining to our cousins across the pond why 31C can feel so hot.

In the clip, user Ryan Meyrick @imeyrick said the teenager's video was "probably a joke" but noted that the response from Americans was "horrendous".

"The sheer amount of ignorance is absolutely astonishing," he said.

Defending the attitude of sweltering Brits, he said: "Point number one, we don't have air conditioning anywhere, except perhaps retail outlets.

"But most homes do not have air conditioning. They are not built with air conditioning. The best we can have is portable stuff.

"Point number two is that our buildings are insulated to hell.

"Because we typically have mild summers and cold winters our buildings are designed to hold the heat to save on energy costs.

"Point number three, your body will adjust to the climate that you live in. We don't get that much hot weather.

"It lasts for about two to three weeks. Our bodies don't have time to adjust. Our bodies literally cannot handle the heat."

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The video was watched more than 200,000 times and many viewers were in agreement.

One person commented: "We are not meant to be this hot! That is the point.

"Seriously Americans need to cool it with TikTok."

A second user wrote: "I am from Libya and the temperature gets to 55 degrees in summer and I am in UK at the moment and it's hell in here."

Someone else said: "I'm from Spain living in the UK and this heat hits so much different.

"The sun is so aggressive here!

Meanwhile, in the US state of Montana, there is a severe weather warning for severe heat as the mercury tops 103F (39C) according to the National Weather Service.

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