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‘We look ridiculous’ Labour MP admits party is not an ‘effective opposition’ to Boris

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Rosie Duffield admits Labour 'looks ridiculous and ineffective'

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Labour MP Rosie Duffield unleashed her frustration at Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party. While speaking on BBC Politics Live, she argued the party would often look ridiculous and ineffective. She questioned whether the Labour Party had the ability to oppose Boris Johnson’s Tory Government.

She pinpointed one of the key issues being how politically different the party was.

Ms Duffield said: “You know, I think it would be great to have Labour more united.

“But this broad church argument is always brought out by factional people.

“We are so broad, we need to at least stand for some of the same things.

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“We cannot provide an effective opposition if we don’t know what we stand for.

“We can’t if we are still arguing about that or who our leader is forever.

“We just look ridiculous and ineffective at the moment.

“Keir is trying to curtail that and to make us look united and that is a good step in the right direction.

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Sir Keir has insisted he is dedicated to winning back former Labour voters and build the party back stronger. 

Last week the Labour Party leader met former Labour voters in Blackpool and asked what they wanted from the party.

Sir Keir was warned that the party appeared fractured and this was preventing it from moving forward.

Former Labour supporter Zacky said: “First thing is, your party is divided within itself.

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“Get rid of all the sort of bickering people who are losers.

“They want to lose further by doing what they’re doing.”

Sir Keir admitted that it was not a simple process of just firing people from the Labour Party, however.

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