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Adonis pitches to lead Frost’s ‘Brexit unit’ for FREE – but demands UK instantly rejoin EU

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Lord Adonis jokingly applies for 'Brexit Opportunities' role

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The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost struggled to hold back his laughter after an odd request from Remainer Lord Andrew Adonis. Speaking in the House of Lords, Lord Adonis verbally offered his services for the lead role for Lord Frost’s Brexit Opportunities Unit. Despite the ongoing laughter from others in the room, Lord Adonis insisted he would be a valued asset as director and would be prepared to do it for free. 

Continuing to pitch his expertise, Lord Adonis then demanded that the UK should look at rejoining the European Union as a key goal for the unit, much to the amusement of the other Lords. 

Lord Adonis said: “I am thinking of applying for this job, it is such an exciting opportunity.

“I would be prepared to do it for nothing.

“I was wondering what the noble Lord would think of my application.

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“Can I give him pitch for the job?

“That being that the biggest opportunity for the director of the Brexit opportunities unit would be to reapply to join the single market and the customs union.

“This is so we eliminate trade barrier with the European Union and we eliminate the need for any trade barrier, north, south, west or east in respect to Northern Ireland.

“We then extend again to the British people the great opportunity to be able to travel, study, work, settle, live and form relationships across the whole of their continent.

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“To not be locked up in Boris Johnson’s Brexit Britain.

“Does he find that an exciting prospectus?”

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