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Heatwave warning: Met Office issue alert as UK begins SIX DAYS of scorching weather – maps

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BBC Weather: Heatwave conditions forecast to continue

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The Met Office has urged people to “stay protected”, with “very high” rays of Ultraviolet (UV) light hitting England and Wales. Around 4pm temperatures of 30-31C should be expected for London and the South East, along with 29C for Birmingham and 27C for Norwich.

However, conditions further north will be a little cooler, with Liverpool expecting 24C while Edinburgh experiences 20C.

The mildest temperatures will be around the top of Scotland and the Shetland Islands, which can expect 16C and 14C respectively.

Southern and central parts of Britain should expect warm weather well into the night.

Previously the UK’s hottest day of the year was June 14, when 28.6C was recorded at Heathrow Airport.

BBC Weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said: “Early this evening temperatures will still be well into the 20s across many areas of the country, a very warm uncomfortable evening.

“By the end of the night falling no lower than 17C in Cardiff and London.

“A lot fresher in Scotland, we’ll see 11C in Glasgow, 12C expected in Aberdeen.”

The public is urged to take precautions due to the danger from UV light, with very high levels expected across Wales and England, as far north as Manchester.

The Met Office tweeted: “In any direct sunshine today UV levels will be very high across much of England and Wales.

“If you are outside, remember to stay protected in the sun.”

Their website warns: “Too much exposure to the sun can have serious effects on your skin and eyes.

“It is important not to be caught out by the sun so use our forecast to plan your day, keep covered and wear a hat and sunglasses, spend time in the shade and use a high factor sun cream with good UVA protection to protect yourself.”


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The hot weather will continue into early next week, with temperatures in the high 20s for many southern and central parts of Britain.

On Monday, BBC Weather forecasts conditions of 28C for Bristol and Birmingham, with Liverpool only a little cooler at 23C.

The temperatures are not expected to dip below 25C until next weekend

However, Mr Schafernaker said there could be showers over some areas.

He commented: “We’re right in the middle of the high pressure, and in the middle of the high pressure the winds tend to fall light.

UK weather: Weymouth Beach busy in heatwave temperatures

“The air’s very dry, there’s very little cloud.

“So for some of us Monday’s going to feel every bit as hot and in fact, the heat might spark off one or two showers – that is a possibility tomorrow.”

The heatwave will stay over Britain on Tuesday when temperatures of nearly 30C could strike.

Mr Schafernaker forecast: “I think we’ll see exactly the same pattern on Tuesday – lots of sunshine across the UK, very light winds, feeling every bit as hot and the possibility of these higher temperatures sparking off one or two showers.

“Wednesday is going to be another very, very warm day, temperatures again in some spots hitting the high 20s, in fact not far off 30C there for Cardiff.”

Towards the end of the week, temperatures will drop a little, but will still remain in the mid-20s for southern England.

There could also be some scattered showers across parts of the UK.
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