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Woman freaked out after cousin shows staircase to 30ft underground cave in house

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A woman was spooked when her cousin showed her on a house tour and led her to an abandoned railroad track hidden 30ft underground.

Maya heard from her family that her cousin Steven found a concrete cave in his basement and decided to visit him in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania last week.

Documenting the scary adventure on TikTok, she follows Steven to the basement and heads to a door with a sign next to it, saying: "Enter cave at your own risk."

Steven hits the switch and lightly kicks open the door, telling Maya: "I think it's like a safe place, the underground railroad is like 30ft underground."

Behind the door is a flight of stairs leading to a pitch black cave.

Maya follows Steven behind and says: "I don't want to go down there, is there any ghost?"

Steven reassures her that there was nothing further down but just empty space, but he adds: "Unfortunately the two lights down there were out so be careful. This is some Indiana Jones s***."

He turns out the torch on his phone and carries on heading down the stairs while Maya is freaking out, murmuring: "I'm only wearing flip flops. I ain't coming down."

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Steven waits for her at the bottom of the stairs and tells her there's nothing but bricked walls and railroad tracks in the cave.

In a follow-up video, Steven can be heard describing the different bricks, stating that the red brick was added by the owner of the home most previous to him, while the darker brick was there before.

He said the cave led to a tunnel, which was blocked off at the end when a street was built over it and added that the house had previously been a farmland.

Maya's video has amassed more than 14.5 million views and many fellow TikTok users said they got chills when they watched it.

One said: "Damn I would be scared down in there!"

Another wrote: "Scary…how could someone live there? The door to it don't even look secure! Somebody or some mystical creature could just pop up out of nowhere!"

"Oh hell no, there's no way that this isn't haunted," a third added.

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