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Leo Varadkar’s attempt to troll England before Euro 2020 final backfires ‘Do some work!’

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Leo Varadkar passionately challenged by Doherty in Parliament

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And others suggested Ireland’s former Taoiseach would be better off returning to the Dail, the country legislature, “to do some work”. Fine Gael leader Mr Varadkar is Ireland’s Tanaiste, or deputy leader, having been replaced in the top job by Fianna Gail leader Micheal Martin last year as part of the coalition deal which saw the two parties form a government in conjunction with the Greens.

He tweeted: “Enjoying a delicious cup of Italian coffee at the Il Fornaio Italian cafe on Dawson Street. It’s like Little Italy here.”

Others were quick to make the connection with the football.

One posted a photoshopped map of Ireland next to Italy, commenting: “No doubt about where Ireland has positioned itself this week.”

Another added: “This is clearly sly tacit support for the Italy football team against England … I suppose you have Irish sparkling wine at the ready for an Italian win.”

Sunday Independent journalist Eoin O’Malley asked: “Are you trying to say who you’re supporting on Sunday?”

Referencing Ireland’s defeat to Italy in the quarter-final of the 1990 World Cup, Anne Marie Keane said: “Is that a little subtle dig at England? I hope it is.

“I shall forgive Schillacci on Sunday if Italy come through.”

Plenty of others contrasted Mr Varadkar’s apparent preference with that of close ally Simon Coveney, Ireland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, who ruffled feathers prior to England’s semi-final win over Italy with a supportive tweet in which he praised them as “the best team in the tournament so far”.

One Twitter user said of Mr Varadkar: “So you’re not supporting England like @simoncoveney lol. Come on Italy.”

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Get back to the Dail and do a bit of work

Reamonn O hAimin

Derek Gray added: “Clearly a dig at Simon ‘West Cork Brit’ Coveney there :)”

Others questioned why Mr Varadkar was in the cafe in the first place.

Reamonn O hAimin posted: “Get back to the Dáil and do a bit of work.

“They can’t have a vote there because there’s no ministers in the Dáil!”

Another accused Mr Varadkar of trying to curry favour by jumping on the football bandwagon, saying: “God you’d say anything to make you popular.”

Nevertheless, Mr Varadkar was not without support or sympathy

James Browne said: “The man is having a cup of coffee …. yet people are making a drama out if it.

“Seriously, people need to get a life and stop moaning at every turn. You’ll drive yourselves crazy. Whether you like the man or not, HE’S DRINKING COFFEE! Relax.”

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