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Britain’s most twisted child killers from sick ‘pleasures’ to copycat TV murder

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Children are often the most innocent of us all – but in rare cases, they're behind some of the most horrific murders.

Sometimes they have a dark side that we don't usually wish to see. A dangerous streak where they can kill or even torture other children and even take the life of a person double their age.

Within the long list of sickening crimes to take place in the UK, some twisted kids got pleasure from their slayings and others felt a "sense of pride".

In this stomach-churning list, the Daily Star reveals some of the most gruesome murders committed by Britain's most evil children.

Snapchat Killers

In December 2014, two teenage girls, who were unnamed by the courts due to legal reasons, recorded the brutal torture and murder of Angela Wrightson.

The devilish pair hit their victim with a shovel, a TV, a coffee table and a stick studded with screws during a terrifying five-hour ordeal after she let the girls into her Hartlepool home to drink.

During the attack, the younger girl made a phone call over Facebook to a friend who heard her say: "Go on. Smash her head in. Bray her. F****** kill her!"

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The teens also took a smiling picture beside Wrightson before continuing to beat her to death with any household items they could find.

They then took selfies for the app when they were arrested – which dubbed them the 'Snapchat killers.'

A neighbour of the girls said at the time: “Separately they could be quite sweet girls but together they were devils.”

They were jailed for a minimum of 15 years and a ruling in February 2021, granted the pair permanent injunctions, preventing them from being identified in relation to the murder when they turned 18.

Mary Bell

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Mary Bell strangled two children to death because she enjoyed it.

The then 10-year-old Bell strangled Martin Brown, four, and Brian Howe, three, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1968.

She was said to have strangled the boys "solely for the pleasure and excitement of killing".

The now 64-year-old, who was nicknamed The Tyneside Strangler, was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility on December 17, 1968.

She was released in 1980, under a new identity but has been discovered several times after being identified.

She now has one child of her own.

Will Cornick

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Schoolboy Will Cornick murdered his teacher Ann Maguire after chasing her from the classroom before sitting at his desk and saying “good times."

Cornick, described as “highly dangerous”, stabbed Ann, 61, seven times including once in the neck as she taught a class at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds when he was 15.

He callously told a psychiatrist during his trial that he “couldn’t give a s***” and had a "sense of pride" after stabbing the teacher to death.

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He added: "I know it’s uncivilised but I know it’s incredibly instinctual and human. In past generations of life, killing is a route of survival.

“It’s kill or be killed. I did not have a choice. It was kill her or suicide. I know the victim’s family will be upset but I don’t care.

“In my eyes, everything I’ve done is fine and dandy.”

He also boasted about wanting to kill two other teachers – including one who was pregnant.

The teen was sentenced to life with a minimum of 20 years at Leeds Crown Court on 3 November 2014 but it is believed that it is unlikely he will ever be released.

Daniel Bartlam

Daniel Bartlam, 14, killed his mum, Jacqueline, by beating her to death in a hammer attack which he copied from popular soap Coronation Street.

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He repeatedly battered her face and head before setting her body alight, at 1am on Easter Monday in 2011.

The schoolboy was obsessed with TV soap murder plots and grisly horror movies. He would keep clips on his computer of violent scenes from Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, TV drama Trial, And Retribution, as well as torture film Saw.

Daniel’s school referred him for psychological help in 2011 after he claimed he heard voices telling him to stab and hurt people.

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Four days before killing devoted mum Jacqueline, he wrote a soap script about “Daniel” murdering a woman named “Jackie” with a hammer.

In April 2012 he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Sharon Carr

Sharon Carr was 12-years old when she stabbed 18-year-old hairdresser Katie Rackliff 32 times on Jun 7, 1992.

Some of the thrusts were so forceful the knife went clean through Katie’s body.

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Police initially believed that a male was responsible for the crime, as the body was left almost naked with multiple stab wounds to the breasts, vagina and anus, leading to speculation that she had been raped.

The crime remained unsolved until Sharon Carr received a two-year prison sentence for stabbing a fellow schoolgirl at Collingwood College in Surrey. Then whilst in prison, she admitted to the murder.

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Diaries seized by police were full of sickening boasts about the murder as the child claimed to experience sexual pleasure from killing.

She was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 12 years which has long since expired, but she issued a plea to be released last year, according to Mail Online.

However, authorities consider her too unstable to be released from HMP Bronzefield in southwest London.

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