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Owen Jones outraged at furious young Britons’ slapdown ‘Over-privileged Corbynistas!’

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Jeremy Corbyn: Dr Kristian Niemietz discusses socialism

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During a conversation with Dr Kristian Niemietz from the Institute of Economic Affairs where the pair discussed the findings from a recent IEA survey which found an astonishing 67% of young Britons want a socialist economic system, Mike Graham hammered modern day British socialists as the “over-privileged middle-classes”. He went on to take aim at the movement pointing out flaws in the ideology before ridiculing those involved. But his comments sparked an angry backlash from left-wing Guardian columnist and self-proclaimed socialist Owen Jones.

Dr Niemietz said: “We asked people ‘what comes to mind when you hear the word socialism.

“And it is exactly words such as fairness, the workers, the public, equal, communal – things like that come to mind.

“We have also given them the option of naming some real world examples…. But virtually nobody mentions that (any countries).

“That is part of the problem, that socialism isn’t judged by its real world record.”

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“That is part of the problem, that socialism isn’t judged by its real world record.”

“We asked do you agree with the following statement: ‘socialism is a good idea, it just hasn’t worked in practice so far because it has 

“We had 75% agreeing with that statement!”

Dr Niemietz went on to explain how “you can’t really defeat socialism” adding “no matter how many times it fails, its fans will always say that is not ‘really socialism’.

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Host Mike Graham chimed in, hammering: “These are all the same people that are saying Jeremy Corbyn’s name at Glastonbury I’m assuming.

“The slightly over-privileged middle classes who despite the fact that they have benefitted massively from their parents own capitalism

“They think they should try something else!”

Dr Niemietz replied: “Corbyn’s name unfortunately also comes up, he is also one of the most common associations with the term socialism.”

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And in a brutal skewer, Mr Niemietz said: “It just shows he is now more of a spiritual leader…. he is more what Kim il Sung is for North Korea!”

But the comments prompted a furious backlash from Guardian columnist and socialist Owen Jones.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Jones took Mr Graham’s comments to heart and tweeted how the talkRADIO host has misinterpreted adherents to socialism in the UK.

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