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Jeremy Corbyn dubbed ‘spiritual leader’ amid left-wing revival ‘socialism is a good idea’

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Jeremy Corbyn: Dr Kristian Niemietz discusses socialism

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Former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been branded a “spiritual” leader amid a new surge in support for leftwing ideas among young people. A recent poll by the Institute of Economic Affairs found 75% of young Britons think socialism is a “good idea.”  Discussing the results with Mike Graham on TalkRADIO, Dr Kristian Niemietz pointed to a resurgence in ‘Corbyn mania’ linked to the firebrand Islington MP.

Dr Niemietz told TalkRADIO: “Yes Corbyn’s name also, unfortunately, does come up.

“He is also one of the most common associations with the term socialism.

“Which shows you that this is really a continuation of this Corbynista movement.

“The Corbynmania that we saw break out in 2015 and then the Glastonbury chants.

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“It just shows he is now more of a spiritual leader.

“He may no longer technically be the Leader of the Opposition but he is a bit more like Kim Il-Sung is for North Korea.”

“So he could be the Islington Dalai Lama,” joked Graham.

“Yes that combined with a romantic revolutionary figure,” replied Dr Niemietz.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses crowd at pro-Palestine protest

“Let’s say a Dalai Lama combined with a Che Guevara.”

Host Graham had earlier blasted the findings of the poll which showed high support for socialism among young Britons.

He said: “I assume these are the same over-privileged middle-classes that sang Jeremy Corbyn’s name at Glastonbury.”

Graham’s response provoked the ire of leftwing columnist Owen Jones on social media.


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The commentator was outraged at the slapdown of young Britons’ views.

Jones penned on Twitter: “One of the biggest political narratives of our time is that younger people who mostly privately rent, are saddled with debt.

“Often in precarious and low-pad jobs – are all middle class.

“While older people – many of whom own their homes outright – are all working class.”

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