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Hero schoolboy saves dad’s life by asking Alexa for help after 14ft roof fall

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A hero schoolboy saved his dad's life by asking Alexa for help after he was seriously injured in a horrific fall from a roof.

Jack Irvine, nine, asked the virtual assistant to "call dad" – his grandad – when his dad Callum's skin was ripped from his "shredded" hands and "pouring with blood" after falling at the family home in New Aberdour, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The youngster, who was just eight at the time, first handed his dad a towel to stop the blood before speaking to 32-year-old Callum's Alexa, knowing it would call his grandad because his number was stored as "dad" on his mobile.

Jack's brave actions meant the dad-of-four remained conscious and was treated in time to prevent severe long-term damage, the Daily Record reports.

When Callum, who needed a six-hour operation to reconstruct his hands, asked Jack how he managed to make the call, he replied: ”I knew Alexa was on your phone. He’s not your granddad, he’s your dad, so I knew to say dad.”

Jack had been at home alone with his dad, who was installing metal sheeting to a workshop extension when the ladder he was standing on slipped.

As he tried to save himself, his hands got caught between a metal door track and the 1mm-thick sheeting.

The knife-like metal cut through the flesh, “degloving” his left hand to expose the finger bones and severing a finger tip on his right hand, and he fell 14ft to the ground.

Covered in blood, Callum managed to stumble in agony and semi-conscious into the kitchen to alert his young son, who quickly took control.

After using Alexa, Jack then raced out to the lane to get help, before his granddad arrived and drove Callum to hospital.

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“Me and the wife are extremely proud of his actions because he is normally such a shy and anxious kid," Callum said.

“There was blood all over me and all over the floor. It was just pouring.

“I was conscious but struggling to stay with it. I just wanted to curl up and close my eyes.

“But he did all the right things – a switch just clicked.

“He did a good job getting help so quickly because at the hospital they said, with the amount of blood I was losing, it could have been a lot worse.

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“I think it would be an exaggeration to say I would have died but if I had lost much more I would have needed a transfusion.”

He lost so much blood, doctors had to boost his blood and oxygen levels before he could be taken to surgery the next day.

"They had to repair the tendons and, the skin that was degloved, they used that as a bacterial bandage by sewing it on top," Callum said.

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He just four days in hospital and, following intense physiotherapy, he has since returned to work.

“It’s very obvious my fingers have been operated on but they are there and they’re working. It was very worrying because as a joiner they’re your best friends," he added.

“But I wouldn’t have recovered the way I have if it hadn’t been for Jack’s quick thinking.”

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Jack will now be presented with the Boys’ Brigade’s President’s Commendation award for his quick-thinking and bravery later this summer.

“It was the hospital that brought it to our attention just how important Jack’s actions were and we’re really chuffed he’s getting the recognition," Callum said.

“It’s helped boost his confidence, so something good has come out of something bad.

“We are all extremely proud of him.”

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