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BBC Weather: Europe to bake in ‘intense heat’ as hot African air plume moves across Spain

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BBC Weather: Temperatures set to soar across Europe

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BBC Weather has set out the forecast for Europe over the coming week, with the south of the continent set for a heatwave amid a dramatic spike in temperatures. Warm air moving in from northwest Africa is due to push temperatures in Spain close to 40C, while countries bordering the Mediterranean are predicted to enjoy “sunshine and pretty high temperatures.” The UK is set for less settled weather according to the latest forecast maps with lower temperatures and a higher chance of rainfall.

Mr Danaos said: “Temperatures are on the rise across Iberia over the next few days

“Looks like we are going to see some intense heat moving out of north-west Africa into much of central, southern Spain.

“Lot of sunshine and pretty high temperatures through the Mediterranean particularly towards the east. 

Turning to the weekend temperatures the forecaster added: “Could see temperatures not far off 40C in central Spain.”

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The metrologist warned that the UK and northwest Europe face unsettled weather.

He said: “It is a lot more unsettled across the northwest thanks to pretty deep areas of low pressure for the time of year.”

“It stays unsettled then for the northwest corner, for the UK and Ireland” continued Mr Danaos.

“With plenty of showers and also some pretty strong winds too.”

BBC Weather: Kirkwood forecasts thundery showers in UK parts

“We will see a few showers for London and Paris,” warned the weatherman.

London is set for clouds and showers over the weekend with the wet weather forecast for Saturday as well as Monday. 

Meanwhile central and Eastern Europe is set for dry and warm weather.

Moscow, Athens, and Kyiv are all set for clear skies with temperatures in the mid-30s. 

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Meanwhile, the Met Office has published the latest long-range forecast covering Tuesday, July 20 to Tuesday, August 3, which promises a rise in UK temperatures over July.

The forecast states: “As is typical for the time of year, confidence is relatively low for this period, but fine and dry weather for most of the UK is most likely for the rest of July.

“There is, however, the possibility that occasional spells of rain may impact northwestern areas. There is a very low chance of thundery conditions developing at times, especially across the south.

“Temperatures are likely to be above average for much of this period, with an increased chance of some very warm spells occurring in the south.”

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