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Every Fashion CEO Knows the Chinese Man on the Cover of System Magazine

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It’s not your usual cover coup, but a coup nonetheless: The charismatic Chinese retailer known to every chief executive officer in the biz as Mr. Ji is on the cover of the next issue of System magazine, photographed remotely by Juergen Teller no less.

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In her editor’s letter, System cofounder Elizabeth von Guttman notes that the story was 18 months in the making, “partly because Mr. Ji has never granted an extensive interview outside of China, so a period of time has been required to build trust.”

She said she wished to bring attention to “his immense power in our industry, as well as being a visionary yet still quite unknown on this side of the world. The store’s extraordinary rise and continued success is so emblematic of the broader shifts in consumerism, geopolitics and the global economy.”

The issue, weighing in at 350 pages, is out this week.


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