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McDonald’s worker hailed ‘legend’ after quitting job they ‘hate’ with note

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A fuming McDonald's worker quit their job in such a dramatic way that people are branding them a 'legend'.

Many of us who wish to leave our current jobs wish we could walk out and never return without a care in the world but seldom get the chance to do it.

But for one McDonald's employee who had had enough, they made it a reality.

The ex-staff member shut down the restaurant and left notes on the drive-thru speaker boxes to inform customers why they wouldn't be able to get their Big Macs or McFlurries.

After stopping by his local Drive-Thru, Great Ape Dad took a photo of the savage note he saw and revealed it on Twitter.

The letter had been taped to the machine where customers stop to place their food orders.

The note, which had been stuck to other machines, read: "We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job."

It was short, coherent, and straight to the point.

Sharing the photo from the Louisville branch on social media, he joked: "Seen at our local McDonald's!"

The potential resignation letter was received with praise with some social media users hailing the former employee as a "legend".

One said: "Putting this sign on the front door of my office tomorrow morning."

Another replied: "Why don’t they save us all the trouble and put up a sign saying their milkshake machine isn’t working?"

Speaking from their own experience, a third wrote: "Good for them.

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"I should’ve done that when I had to close as the only cashier for Walmart by myself last month."

Earlier this week a prison guard was jailed for trading McDonald's for sex with a female inmate.

Randy Beehler was taking the prisoner to a county jail in the US when he stopped at a Drive-Thru to get her food after she revealed she would "do anything" for something to eat.

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He ordered them both meals at a Cannon Falls McDonald's Drive-Thru on September 30, 2019, and afterward, he uncuffed her and allowed her to get into the front seat.

While driving he opened his trousers and the inmate performed a sex act on him.

Beehler pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and was jailed for 120 days.

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