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Lottery winner says scooping jackpot destroyed relationship with ‘greedy’ family

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A single mum who won a life-changing £40m on lottery has revealed what it's really like to win money most of us can only dream of.

The mum, who has now spoken about her crazy experience online, claims she won on a lucky dip paper ticket.

She sad she had been playing "fairly regularly" for over ten years.

In a series of anonymous posts on Mumsnet, which gained huge attention from fellow users wanting to know more, the lucky mum described her overnight transition into a millionaire.

"I think I checked my ticket a few days after winning," she said.

"It was during work because I heard the numbers on the radio and they sounded like the ones on my lucky dip.

"I then checked online and nearly fell out of my chair!

"Had to compose myself as still had a full day of work left. Didn't even call the lotto office until I got home after work."

The mum says she told her son and took him out for dinner to celebrate.

Just two months later she quit her job and claims its everything she could ever hoped it would be and then some.

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She does however say that winning wasn't as simple as getting £14m transferred to her bank account.

There was apparently a lot of complicated and tedious admin to deal with after the initial euphoria had worn off.

She said: "Had to open a private bank account, hire financial advisors and accountants.

"There is no tax on the amount you win, only interest gained."

The National Lottery team were reportedly "very supportive" throughout the process which helped make the single-mum's life easier.

So, what was the first purchase made by the new winner?

According to the mum her first purchase was a Mulberry handbag she'd always wanted.

She now claims to have fifty of them.

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The single-mum admits that she was a 'little reckless' with the money at the beginning.

Designer clothes, household items and several holiday homes are just a few of the things she enjoyed splashing the cash on.

She now claims to have returned to a "baseline of spending" and has a large majority of winnings left.

"My biggest dream was buying a home," she told Mumsnet users.

"We grew up in a council house and I always rented.

"I know it's not a big thing but it was always my dream, I regularly surfed rightmove looking for my dream home."

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So that's exactly what she bought, her dream home.

"It's changed my life for the better," she added.

But Mumsnet users wanted to know if the money had changed her as a person, as well as her life.

"I don't think it has," she said.

"I used to be so much more frugal but I'm not as tight as I used to be. You might have to ask my friends though, maybe it has changed me and I'm just unaware."

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The millionaire mum says that while she's been living an extremely happy life since winning, some of her relationships have deteriorated.

She says she wishes she had kept the winnings a happy secret between her and her son.

"I do not for one second regret winning, I just wish my family members weren't so greedy and entitled," she said.

"I would have happily helped many of them with their mortgages and getting them on the property ladder but the way some of them thought I owed them a living was crazy."

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