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Mum slams ‘nightmare’ Flamingo Land theme park after ‘unreal’ queues ruin trip

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A mum has spoken of her “nightmare” trip to Flamingo Land after she was left horrified by alleged overcrowding and people who ignored social distancing.

Michelle Keeton had booked her family’s dream half-term holiday to the Pickering theme park so her kids could enjoy the rides.

But the 46-year-old claimed she saw the visit turn into disaster when the group was confronted with two-hour long waits and staff not sanitising rides.

"It's just not fair,” she told Yorkshire Live.

“I appreciate Covid makes things busy but it's not like they ended up with more people because it was a nice day, everyone had to pre-book so surely they could have staffed it accordingly?"

The trip cost the couple £135 and Michelle says she was so determined that she deserved at least a partial refund she queued up hours more for customer service – who eventually refunded the money.

She added: "It wasn't a family day out in any way shape or form, because me and my husband just spent the day on the phone to each other because we were taking the boys on the rides separately to try and beat the queues.

“For an eight-year-old to stand in a queue for two hours is unreal, but why didn't they close the queues when they got too busy?

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"If we end up in another lockdown it's due to places like that."

The family’s horrendous holiday was only made worse by the alleged lack of social distancing and coronavirus precautions at Flamingo Land.

"You can understand why the queues were so long if people were wiping down or sanitising, but at no point did I see anyone with cloths or wiping anything down,” the marketing and customer service manager said.

"They put the bars down and you have to touch the bars and they were not doing anything. It was really becoming a bit of a nightmare, I started talking to other people and they were saying the same thing."

Michelle said her own dealt with the delays – but claimed there were others "really kicking off" due to the long waits in queues.

Flamingo World has been contacted for comment.

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