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Rose West ‘may admit horrific secrets’ due to her dementia, former lawyer says

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Serial killer Rose West "may admit horrific secrets" due to her dementia, her former lawyer has said.

She has never made a full confession over her and her late husband Fred West's 20-year sadistic murder spree.

Ahead of a documentary about her upbringing, ex-defence solicitor Leo Goatley told the Daily Express that he believes Rose may one day revealed her secrets.

Leo, who was Rose's lawyer for 12 years, said that she continually blamed husband Fred, who committed suicide before he could stand trial.

Rose West, 67, remains in prison after being convicted of 10 murders at Gloucester’s Cromwell Street.

"There was a nice Rose and a bad Rose. Bad Rose is a wicked demon with uncontrollable rage and viciousness," he said of the pensioner.

"Now she’s this sweet lady who likes to sew and cook and be friendly to others. But if she lives long enough, and she gets dementia, her disinhibition may lead to her being open to all these memories."

The Channel 5 documentary will explore whether the killer was a product of her horrific upbringing on Monday and Tuesday.

Mr Goatley insisted that the memories "are there" and "in her", but would just be a matter of coaxing them out of her as she continues to age.

  • Best pal of Fred West victim 'buried in cafe cellar' believes more bodies hidden there

He added of her silence on the day the bodies emerged: "She was pretty coy, sheepish, which betrayed the fact that there was plenty on her mind she didn’t want to talk about."

The couple's Gloucester home became known as the House of Horrors after nine bodies were dug up from underneath the floor boards.

Fred and Rose had a spree of rape, torture, and murder across a two-decade time period, and the pair weren't caught until 1987.

  • Fred West victim: Inside creepy café basement where missing Mary Bastholm may be buried

They are the UK's most notorious serial killer pair, carrying out some of the most horrific murders the country has ever seen.

It comes following a renewed search for 15-year-old waitress Mary Bastholm, a potential 13th victim whose disappearance was probed by cops during an excavation of a Gloucester cafe last month.

Fred's depraved desires first emerged when he was still a child. In police interviews he claimed he was introduced to sex by his mother aged 12 and encouraged to engage in acts of bestiality – allegations disputed by his brother.

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Chillingly, journalist Howard Sounes, who researched the killings at the time of the murder investigation, also revealed Fred appeared in court aged 19 over the rape of a 13-year-old girl – whom a relative claimed was his sister, Kitty.

Sounes said when West was questioned by police, he acknowledged the accusations, remarking: "Well, doesn’t everybody do it?"

The trial later collapsed and Kitty died in 2006.

Rose, meanwhile, was sexually abused as a young girl by her "brutal and violent" father Bill Letts – a dark relationship that continued into her adult life.

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