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Princess Diana’s psychic gives verdict on whether Sussexes’ marriage is doomed

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It is a question that many people have asked, particularly if they are doom and gloomers, will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage last?

And now Princess Diana's apparent psychic has weighed into the debate to air her views on the Sussexes' marriage, reports Mail Online.

Celebrity physic Sally Morgan claims she had a close relationship with Prince Harry's mum and knew her sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale.

On Friday, the 69-year-old appeared on Australian channel 7's The Morning Show with hosts Kylie Gillies and Matt Shirvington.

According to the psychic the outlook and future for Harry and Meghan is looking very positive.

She said: "I see for her, she's got great love in her marriage with him."

"I know lots of predictions say it won't last, but I think their marriage will last"

Sally Morgan believes that the key will be Meghan taking control of the relationship and laying down the law.

'It will run its full course, and I think there's absolutely no doubt she has laid down the law and it's going to be how she wants it," she added.

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"There's no doubt about that."

Sally also revealed that she spoke with Diana almost daily for over four years and treasures the time she got to spend with the Princess.

She said: "It's only now that I look back and realise just how amazing it was to be able to speak to her for four and a half years, almost daily."

Sally told the hosts that she became a "very good friend" to Lady Sarah who was Princess Diana's lady in waiting.

With Meghan Markle rumoured to be giving birth in the coming weeks speculation is mounting whether Prince Harry will make it back for the unveiling of his mother's statue.

The statue of Diana, Princess of Wales is due to be revealed on July 1 for what would have been her 60th birthday.

Also bets are beginning to fly regarding what the new born baby will be called with Lily apparently a possible option on the cards for the couple.

Other names in contention are Diana, Allegra, Phillipa and Maya.

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