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Marilyn Monroe lookalike says her ghost is haunting the star’s former home

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A Marilyn Monroe lookalike who has moved into the star's Hollywood home believes her ghost is haunting it.

Jasmine Chiswell, 27, said she hears footsteps every night as she tries to sleep and “a lot of weird things happen".

She told the New York Post: “We do hear footsteps most nights. We have tried everything.

“We are like ‘It can’t be animals.’ We had someone come in to check the real estate and nothing. I know our dogs go into hallways and it’s like someone touches them and is patting them.”

“In the beginning, my husband and I were a bit scared, but that energy does not feel bad, it feels happy, we don’t mind it anymore.”

Jasmine, who is originally from a small town near Glasgow, is an influencer who has found fame due to her love of all things vintage.

The 27-year-old is living the Hollywood dream as she’s constantly compared to Marilyn Monroe.

She has the same signature blonde curls, glossy bold lipstick and hourglass figure as the 1950s icon.

And the social media star has even been able to buy the £2million Runyon Canyon mansion Marilyn used to live in.

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But what did Jasmine look like before she fell in love with pin-up fashion?

The star has given fans glimpses of her old look in recent years – and she looked dramatically different.

While Jasmine’s always had a love for black and white films she watched with her gran, she used to feel nervous about dressing in the vintage style.

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In a Q&A, she said: “I loved it so much when I was a kid.

“I’d look at all the old princesses and think I’d love to look that way.

“But I never had the confidence to do it.”

Curvy Jasmine also dabbled in acting and went to the New York Film Academy Institute to get a masters degree in media.

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But it wasn’t until Jasmine met her music producer husband Maverick that she found the confidence to embrace her passion.

The lookalike explained: “The reason why I started dressing this way was I was hugely, hugely, insecure.

“Mostly with how I looked and clothes were a huge issue with me. I never wore a pair of jeans until I started dressing vintage to be honest…

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“I always felt like a lot of modern day clothes didn’t fit my body shape.”

In 2017, Jasmine started shopping at vintage makeup stores and buying second hand clothes.

And after learning more about the historical era, her look started to evolve into the Hollywood star she is today.

Jasmine hated getting stared at in public initially and would be reluctant to walk around looking like a pin-up.

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People would gawp at her in restaurants, follow her down the streets of Los Angeles or laugh at her sense of style.

But she's grown to find these things normal. Jasmine is often stopped by Marilyn Monroe fans in the street and gets a lot of attention online too.

When she started sharing clips of her vintage outfits online, they garnered millions of views.

After joining TikTok in February last year and going viral with her vintage style videos, she’s been able to make the job full time.

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