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Meghan may be using ancient ‘trauma-healing’ Reiki practice on unborn daughter

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Meghan Markle could be using ancient Japanese 'palm healing' on her unborn daughter, a sensei has told the Daily Star.

It comes after an insider claimed the heavily pregnant Duchess of Sussex used Reiki on herself, two-year-old son Archie and the family dogs.

London-based Reiki expert Emily Pocock praised Prince Harry's wife, 39, for allegedly using the technique.

The trained nurse also backed "plant whisperer" Prince Charles as she told the Star the method can help resurrect dying houseplants with a "boost".

She added it could have helped Meghan overcome trauma relating to her estranged father and get through morning sickness.

Emily, 33, who has used Reiki to help pregnant women for five years as The Holistic Nurse, said: "I think it's extraordinary that she's doing that.

"It's a really amazing thing to do with your child and it's something that I would do because it really just calms them and promotes bonding.

"Animal Reiki is not something I practice but I've colleagues that do and again it calms the animal down."

She added: "The benefits are quite unique to that individual. I actually do Reiki for women who are pregnant."

Asked if she thought Meghan could be using it to get over trauma from her strained relationship with dad Thomas Markle, Emily said: "Reiki is a wonderful tool to help manage and deal with that.

"It doesn't matter if you have got relationship difficulties, it's a really good tool to manage that."

Explaining how Reiki "unblocks" energy flows in the body, she said: "It does really promote that around child bonding, it will reduce all those symptoms you have during pregnancy like morning sickness."

Emily also reckons Meghan could be using Reiki on her daughter, who could reportedly be born "any day" now.

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  • "Of course," she said, adding: "If you are doing it on you and you're pregnant then the baby will be having those benefits.

    "It's a really beautiful thing to do in your life."

    Emily, who has 15 years' experience as a nurse and is training to become a Reiki master later this year, said the practice could be used on houseplants as it works by transferring "universal energy" to anything that's alive.

    On Prince Charles famously saying he talked to his plants, she said: "It can sound a bit out there unless you experience it but for me when I'm giving treatments to someone I can feel this wonderful energy come through and you can channel that into a person."

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    She added: "You can do it on animals and it's amazing to see.

    "You can Reiki with anything that's living – you can do Reiki on your plants if you wanted to.

    "If you're a Reiki practitioner that has had your attunement – I don't know if you could bring it back to life but you can definitely help.

    "If your plant is looking a little on the down it can definitely give it a little bit of a boost."

    Emily added: "I came to it quite by chance. I was at that point when I had done absolutely everything and I was very cynical of it but thought I would give it a try.

    "I was able to achieve such a sense of calm and decided this was incredible."

    Meghan Markle's representative has been contacted for comment.

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