Mon. Jul 4th, 2022


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Police find live ammo in passenger’s luggage at Christchurch Airport

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Police have discovered two rounds of live ammunition in a passenger’s luggage at Christchurch International Airport.

Police were called to the airport this afternoon after the passenger tried to legally check a disabled firearm in his luggage on a domestic flight.

But officers also discovered two live rounds of ammunition “inadvertently left” in a magazine, a police spokeswoman told the Herald.

“A firearm had been legally checked in and had been made inoperable for transport on a domestic flight.

“Around 12.30pm during screening a possible round was seen, and Airport Police attended.

“Police checked the luggage and found two rounds had been inadvertently left in a magazine (not in the firearm itself).

“The rounds were confiscated and police spoke with the owner to remind them of requirements around transporting firearms.”

The spokeswoman said despite a firearm and live ammunition being found, armed police did not respond to the incident because “the firearm was not ‘with’ anybody, it had been checked in”.

No further action was required.

An airport spokeswoman was unaware of the incident when contacted by the Herald.

She said it was more likely to have involved Aviation Security.

“I’m guessing it would have become clear through the security screening and that’s not us. It’s not our staff and it’s not our function.”

Aviation Security at Christchurch Airport was also unaware of the incident when contacted tonight, and suggested it may have occurred at another airport.

However, police confirmed it involved Christchurch Airport.

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