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Sex robot firm celebrates 14 years since Ryan Gosling ‘dated’ one of its dolls

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A sex robot factory has celebrated the anniversary of when Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling "dated" one of its dolls.

United States-based RealDoll uploaded a picture of Gosling with one of its dolls called Bianca from the 2007 film Lars and the Real Girl.

The Instagram post reads: "This year, it'll be 14 years since one of our dolls made their debut on the silver screen!

"Who remembers seeing Bianca in Lars and the Real Girl #realdoll."

The film tells the story of socially reclusive Lars Lindstrom who buys a sex doll, Bianca, from the adult website.

The online post was filled with comments praising Bianca and the movie.

One wrote: "I wrote a paper on the main character for a class. A very intriguing and thought provoking movie about certain taboo issues."

The film was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars in 2008, losing out to Juno.

RealDoll markets itself as the "home of the world finest luxury love doll. Making your dream girl come alive since 1997."

It comes after an expert claimed AI sex robots could soon be "hard to distinguish from living, breathing, orgasming humans".

Professor Rob Brooks, from the University of New South Wales in Australia, said the "digital lovers" will be among three types of "artificial intimacy" provided by machines this century.

The academic wrote in the Conversation: "Twenty-first century technologies such as robots, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are creeping into every corner of our social and emotional lives — hacking how we form friendships, build intimacy, fall in love and get off.

"At first mention of artificial intimacy, many people’s minds may jump straight to sex robots: lifelike robotic sex dolls that could one day walk among us, hard to distinguish from living, breathing, orgasming humans."

Meanwhile, RealDoll recently gave a glimpse into the "quality control" process at its Westworld-style sex robot factory.

The firm, based in San Marcos, California, produces some of the most realistic sex robots in the world and uploaded images showing its employees hard at work.

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