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Nanny who decapitated girl then carried head shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ to go free

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A burka-clad nanny who decapitated a young girl then carried her severed head through the streets shouting 'Allahu Akbar' is to go free just five years after the horrific attack, according to reports out of Moscow.

The woman, Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 43, has been "cured" by Russian doctors of the "chronic psychiatric disorder" that led her to kill the child and parade her head, it is claimed.

But the release plan has sparked a backlash with critics questioning whether the nanny poses no risk to society.

Footage from the horror incident in 2016 showed Bobokulova clutching the severed head, which falls from her hand and rolls along the pavement as she is overpowered by police and bystanders.

In a case that shocked the country, Bobokulova brutally killed Anastasia (Nastya) Meshcheryakov, 4, while caring for her. She then brandished the head of at Oktyabrskoye Pol metro station in Moscow while shouting: "I am a terrorist."

The nanny claimed she wanted to avenge Vladimir Putin for bombings in Syria.

In the aftermath of the killing, Nastya's parents disputed the ruling by courts that the nanny – who had lived with her family for several years – was sick, and demanded she faced a proper trial.

They were backed by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny who questioned whether the psychiatric diagnosis was politically motivated.

But Bobokulova was sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment in hospital.

"Doctors are confident that their patient is harmless, (but) opinion leaders vote for strict control," reported 360TV.

The victim's mother, Ekaterina Mescheryakova, said: "My family cannot feel safe if Bobokulova in future finds me or my other child…

"During the investigation, she testified that she had the intention to kill our entire family."

Popular blogger Lena Miro questioned the planned release, which had been revealed by Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

"It is important that a person who cut off a child's head with a kitchen knife should under no circumstances be given a chance to return to society," she said.

"Such a person must spend their life either in prison or in a psychiatric hospital.

"This cannot be cured…. They cannot be sent home with a prescription to take pills and to see a psychiatrist regularly.

"But here (in Russia), it turns out, you can."

Psychiatrist Artem Gillen said: "With schizophrenia, relapses are always possible.

"It is impossible to avoid them 100 per cent, you can only minimise them.

"After being discharged from the hospital, such patients are under special supervision."

Three years ago, Nastya's father died after becoming ill with meningitis.

Her mother has since remarried.

The court ruled that Bobokulova suffered from paroxysmal paranoid schizophrenia but the mother said she was "sane" and "cheerful" before she was influenced by extremist ideologies on the web.

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