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Google Maps user discovers man ‘appearing to have a poo’ in middle of the street

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Google Maps users were shocked after coming across an image of a man appearing to defecate on the street.

The shocking image, captured on the Street View tool in Mexico, prompted Reddit users to recall their experiences of seeing people relieve themselves in public in different parts of the world.

The original post said: "Random guy taking a dump in Mexico on google street view."

One person commented: "Imagine what's going through his head. Has he been doing this his entire life?

"Is he thinking: 'How have I gotten to this point?' While he s**** on the back of his legs in the middle of the street? This picture is so sad."

Another Reddit user said: "I saw someone do this in Tijuana when I was like 8 years old.

"The image is seared into my brain."

A third lamented: "Human misery immortalized by Google Street View."

Eagle-eyed users spotted that the Google Maps address was outside a prison.

One person joked: "I wonder if it was the designated s***ing street?"

Others revealed they have encountered similar scenes in places such as the US cities of Seattle and San Antonio and Brussels in Belgium.

One Reddit user simply commented: "It is very sad to see."

Google Maps users often make strange discoveries on the site.

Recently one user made a creepy discovery at the scene of a "motorbike" crash. They claimed to have spotted a car colliding with a motorbike – but something eerie in the background grabbed viewers’ attention.

And other users spotted a man "attacking" another bloke with a pickaxe in a bizarre scene.

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