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Brits set to endure 5-day ‘snowblast’ and polar bomb to bring ‘white Easter’

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Brits could face another big freeze as icy air travels through Russia and Norway next month.

Temperatures across northeast Europe are forecast to plummet during the beginning of March, with Russia seeing -24C and Norway -16C.

The big chill is predicted to head towards the UK shortly afterwards, turning the mild weather at the end of February to a distant memory.

The bitter cold front could head towards Britain triggering a sharp drop in temperatures, as low as -4C in Scotland, reports the Express.

Charts by Weather Outlook predict the bone-chilling temperatures will grip overnight for a number of days, with parts of the Scottish Highlands enduring the cold around March 13.

BBC Weather forecast conditions will become colder and more volatile for Brits between March 8 and March 21, after a milder period.

Its weather forecast reads: “For the second week of March, high pressure will begin to shift away to the west.

“This will allow the colder flows from northeast Europe to move in, bringing fresher Atlantic air from the north or northwest.

“Temperatures will tend to dip below average, but it will still be drier than normal with high pressure close enough to keep any strong weather fronts away to the north.

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“However, it won't be quite as dry as the first week of March, and some rain is likely at times.”

Moving through to mid-March, the weather is expected to become more unsettled with cold and warmer snaps.

The BBC forecast added: “Heading through mid-March and beyond, high pressure is expected to move away, allowing an area of low pressure to develop over western and north-western Europe, leading to more unsettled and changeable conditions.

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“Temperatures will also vary, with plenty of mild spells followed by colder snaps.

“It's uncertain which temperature trend will win out at the moment, but we favour milder days to slightly outnumber the colder ones.”

WX Charts also show a possible 270-mile 'snowbomb' which could hit the central part of the UK.

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The white stuff could fall around March 9, if predictions are accurate, leaving areas from Norfolk to north Wales affected.

Birmingham, Dorset, northern areas of Northampton and Cambridgeshire could also be affected.

Meteorologist Grahame Madge told SomersetLive: "It's possible that we could get snow in March.

"In fact, it's more likely we will get snow in March than in December."

He added: "I can see the weather system that is causing the excitement, but it’s too far away and too uncertain to have any indication yet.

"It is unlikely to see an easterly weather front coming across, but a white Easter is more likely than a white Christmas."

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