Tue. Sep 21st, 2021


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Trump, the focus of the trial, is expected to stay out of sight.

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Unlike his first senate impeachment trial, former President Donald J. Trump has no Twitter feed to use as a cannon aimed squarely at his political rivals as the proceedings unfold.

Instead, as the trial begins Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Trump is expected to be busy with meetings at Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach, Fla., while sporadically watching the trial, people close to him said on Tuesday.

Mr. Trump is being represented by two lawyers, David I. Schoen and Bruce L. Castor Jr., who will carry his message that the trial is unconstitutional because he is out of office, and that his language did not incite the violence by his supporters who mobbed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

A handful of aides will post on Twitter in defense of Mr. Trump. Officials at the Republican National Committee are also expected to be part of a rapid-response effort.

But the focus of the trial, Mr. Trump, is expected to remain out of sight.

Mr. Trump’s aides have constructed an office for him at Mar-a-Lago, separate from his residence, and it was unclear on Tuesday morning where he would watch the televised Senate proceedings.

Mr. Trump has lost his favored weapon to use against Democrats and to keep Republicans from breaking with him: his Twitter feed. But the former president is said to have adjusted to a life without it and a press corps assigned to cover the office he inhabited.

Mr. Trump is said to have told aides he is happy away from Twitter. His adviser, Jason Miller, recently told The Times of London that he was just fine despite Twitter banning him in the days after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Since he flew out of Andrews Air Force Base for the final time on the morning of Jan. 20, Mr. Trump has spent several days golfing or meeting with people at Mar-a-Lago.

On Sunday evening, he was videotaped making an appearance among the club’s guests during the Super Bowl, wearing a suit, as he almost always does at the club.

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