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‘Frisky’ cat hugs golden retriever non-stop until he’s swatted away

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A golden retriever has been branded a "saint" for tolerating a crazy cat who was filmed hugging his neck non-step.

In the clip, Bailey the golden is being harassed by a cat called Simon who keeps climbing on top of him and trying to bite his head.

The pair wrestle for a while and the unfortunate goldie looks like he is not in the mood to start a fight but definitely wants to be left alone for a nap.

Eventually, the dog simply shoves the irritating feline onto the floor while his filming owner giggles in the background.

The video has been watched more than 300,000 times on YouTube since it was uploaded on January 25 with the caption: "Funny cat vs cute golden retriever dog."

One viewer joked: "Bailey is like look, you either lay down or you’re going to get pushed off each time you climb all over me.

"I just want to relax dude!"

A second said: "Cat and Dog. There's never been a better duo in animal history.

"Annoying each other but at the end love each other."

"I think Bailey is a saint," commented another person, praising the dog's patience.

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But some people reckoned something else entirely was going on and said the antsy cat was acting like he was trying to mate with Bailey – and suggested he got fixed as soon as possible.

One person wrote: "Simon go get a Girlfriend mate Bailey is not your humpty dumpty."

"I get the feeling that Simon was feeling frisky," said another.

"Simon needs a couple of 'things' removed at the vets," commented a third viewer.

This comes after a golden retriever was filmed making a hilarious face after smelling shampoo with an incredibly strong floral scent – and trying to growl at it.

In another funny video, a golden retriever puppy decided to smell broccoli for the first time and ended up reacting in a very over the top way to its stink.

The poor puppy leaped around in shock.

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