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Golden retriever’s sweet reaction to daily routine with neighbour melts hearts

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A golden retriever called Stella has melted hearts on Reddit after her owner shared a video of her beside herself with excitement to go on a walk with his friend.

In the sweet clip, uploaded by user u/bcivgfjh, the dog taps her feet with joy and howls softly, as she struggles to contain her emotions.

Hyping her up, the man's friend asks the dog: "Are you a happy girl? Are you my little sunshine? Yes, you are. Are you ready for an adventure?"

The dog stands on the stairs to howl properly and looks chuffed when the laughing man joins in with his own imitation of a howl.

Unsurprisingly, the video was up-voted more than 25,000 times and dog lovers were left absolutely smitten with the charismatic pooch Stella.

Explaining the footage in the caption, the user wrote: "Stella is very happy to be going on her walk today.

"My friend goes every day to walk her for some elderly neighbors.

"He’s a good guy and Stella is the very best of girls."

Hundreds of people responded, with many praising the volunteer dog walker for his daily act of kindness, and others melting over Stella's howling routine.

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One viewer gushed: "Yes, Stella is absolutely delightful, but your friend is equally lovely."

A second person wrote: "I love seeing these videos of her. They always make my day!"

Someone else said: "Bless your friend and the elderly people who love her so much. She is one happy dog."

Meanwhile, someone grieving their own pet confessed: "I lost my best girl on Monday and this made me smile for the first time since. Thank you."

A few people warned about Stella's excess weight, with one writing: "Cute, however, please help this dog loose weight, not good for hip joints at all."

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