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PT who knocked out man at nightclub spared ankle tag ‘so clients don’t see it’

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A personal trainer who battered a man unconscious was let off wearing an electronic tag – as a judge worried his clients might see it.

Jake Toriyen, 21, launched a savage attack on Paul Monnes at Alexanders nightclub in Worcester on March 17 last year.

Mr Monnes accidentally bumped into him on a dance floor and the “red mist” descended on Toriyen.

He punched his victim three times in the back of the head before leaving him unconscious with an uppercut, prosecutor Andrew Davidson told Worcester Crown Court.

Mr Monnes eventually staggered to his feet and was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

He told police officers: "My jaw and cheek were hurting and felt like it was hanging off."

Toriyen – who makes £96,000 a year – claimed he acted in self-defence but was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He was handed an eight-month sentence, suspended for two years and ordered to pay Mr Monnes £2,500 in compensation.

Toriyen, of Worcester, was also told to wear an electronic tag but the judge scrapped the order following an appeal by the thug who earns £8,000-a-month.

Sentencing him on Tuesday, January 19, Judge Jim Tindall told him: "You have to wear gym kit and it would be perfectly obvious if you were wearing a tag which would make it very difficult for your young and growing business.

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"I'm trusting you because I'm directing you don't have an electronically monitored tag.

"Of course I perfectly realise that at the moment (during lockdown ) a curfew may seem like a perfectly academic exercise."

Addressing Toriyen, the judge said: "As I may well have said to the jury, this is a very unusual case.

"What appears to have happened is that Mr Monnes was dancing in a slightly drunk, slightly foolhardy way as people tend to do.

"For no particular reason at all the red mist descended upon you.

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"This was not a one-off punch. Even after he went down you went in for the last punch which was a particularly violent thing to do."

Mr Monnes suffered both physical and psychological injuries which have "cast a shadow over him" ever since the attack.

He was left with bruising to his right eye and forehead, along with significant swelling to the right side of his face.

Mr Monnes has since suffered amnesia and nightmares, and has required dental work.

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