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Storm Bella wreaks havoc with winds up to 106mph as 114 flood warnings issued

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Life-threatening flood warnings are in place for more than 100 parts of England as Storm Bella continues to wreak havoc.

Parts of the country woke up this morning to scenes of devastation, with trees uprooted from severe winds reaching 106mph in the Isle of Wight and floodwater.

Thousands of residents in Bedfordshire have already evacuated their homes as Bella arrived over the festive period.

Boxing Day downpours have now caused two warnings of severe flooding with a further 113 floods expected and another 197 floods "possible".

The government's Flood Information Service pinpoints on a map the exact areas likely to be hit with the deep water aftermath of Storm Bella which swept across Britain on Saturday.

The two spots where flooding is serious enough to threaten life are both in Northamptonshire, with residents of Cogenhoe Mill Caravan Site and those around the Billing Aquadome being issued stark advice.

The Flood Information Service says: "There continues to be a severe risk to life due to the challenging conditions, including; deep flood water, floating debris and loss of utility services across the site.

"Follow the instructions of the emergency services. Stay safe, and aware of your local surroundings. Avoid contact with flood water.

"We are monitoring the situation, and have staff in the area assisting the emergency services and council. This message will be updated again on Sunday 27th December, or as the situation changes."

Floods are expected across England from Devon to the Lake District and with more rain forecast for Monday, we are yet to see the worst of it.

For the full list of areas at risk of flooding, visit the Flood Information Service here.

Like the River Nene in Northampton, The River Uck which runs through Buxted in Derbyshire is flowing higher than normal after 20mm on rainfall and another 10mm set to come.

Riverside properties are encouraged to install flood protection products if possible and take steps to reduce the impact of flooding.

Trees blown over by the strong of Storm Bella could make flooding even worse.

Storm Bella has already wreaked havoc across the country after arriving yesterday (December 26).

Thousands of residents in Bedfordshire have been evacuated from their homes with winds of up to 106mph being reported.

For 15 areas of England, flood warnings have been removed in the last 24 hours.

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