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Woman ‘shoots herself’ while sitting in cop car to stay warm after car crash

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A woman allegedly shot herself while sitting in a police car, after cops offered her a seat to keep warm following a car crash.

Amanda Elbert, 32, reportedly died after cops heard a gunshot as they investigated the scene of the car accident.

Ms Elbert had been sitting in the front seat of the police car which had arrived to the scene.

The incident took place after police officers from the Gas City Police Department, the Upland Police Department, and the Grant County Sheriff’s Department were called to a single vehicle crash.

They responded to the call as approximately 8:15am in Grant County, Indiana.

Indiana State Police Detective Wendell Beachy revealed cops arrived to the crash seen to find a 2007 Chevrolet Impala crashed into a utility pole.

Ms Elbert had been in the passenger seat, and the driver had allegedly fled on foot, reports Breaking911.

The passenger claimed she was not injured in the crash – however as it was cold outside, officers suggested she sit in the police car to stay warm while they conducted an investigation.

Medics were called to the scene, Ms Elbert refused treatment and said she was not injured.

While officers were conducting an inventory of the Chevrolet before it had to be towed – a gunshot was heard from the police car.

It has been alleged Ms Elbert had shot herself with a handgun she had taken out of her purse.

Medics scrambled to the car and battled to save her, however she was pronounced dead.

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