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Preacher claims mysterious monoliths are weird work of Satanic ‘new world order’

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Satanic forces bent on creating a "new world order" are behind the mysterious appearance of 13 monoliths around the world, a US preacher has claimed.

Doomsday evangelist Paul Begley reckons an evil group called "The Illuminati" that has been secretly controlling the world is finally showing its hand as the apocalypse nears.

Bizarre pillars made of metal sheets have appeared across the world after one was discovered in a remote canyon in Utah, US, last month.

The preacher said only 13 – traditionally seen as an unlucky number – have been genuine, adding: "13 monoliths of the Illuminati… 13 different locations is why I say that.

"Some people are concerned that there's an alien invasion or there's going to be some kind of great deception.

"I think… there's a part of the Illuminati or this new world order, or this beast kingdom, this one world government, that there's something taking place here and with disclosure and I think these monoliths may be part of this."

The internet personality added 2020 events such as the "Christmas Star" and locust plagues are Biblical prophecies of the second coming of Jesus Christ coming true.

The rare celestial event where Jupiter and Saturn could be seen joined in the sky with the naked eye on the Winter Solstice has also been dubbed the "Star of Bethlehem".

Pastor Begley said in a recent podcast: "You have got all these things happening at the same time. Look at the Biblical signs: the locusts, the typhoons, the monsoons.

"Look at the star that's just appeared – nobody has seen this since 1226.

"While the prophecies are being revealed the strong delusion is going to be revealed: the Illuminati are revealing their plan to deceive the world and to try to defeat Jesus Christ and his return but Satan has already lost so give your life to Jesus Christ."

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