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Opinion | Biden’s Cabinet: ‘Old Guard’ and Centrist

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To the Editor:

I was offended by “On Biden’s Team, Age and Experience” (On Politics, by Lisa Lerer, Dec. 20):

“Mr. Biden’s cabinet is, well, mature” and “the risk of picking the same old people is that you end up with the same old ideas, rather than defining a new governing doctrine” were two annoying phrases. At 74, I am still working, learning and accepting new ideas, but I have the wisdom and experience to be able to discern between ideas that will work and ideas that have small or no chances of succeeding. My generation is a generation of smart risk-takers.

Yes, the Biden cabinet is the “old guard.” Good for Joe! He is wisely taking advantage of lifetimes of experience and wisdom, insights and knowledge.

President Trump has come dangerously close to destroying our federal government. People have been fired or have left because they were doing their jobs well.

As president, Joe Biden will need experienced people to restore morale and rebuild and run the government. That is the team he has chosen, and that is why 81 million people voted for him — because “he is crafting a centrist, establishment administration” that will work, restore integrity and make us proud again.

Madeleine Jacobs
Gaithersburg, Md.

To the Editor:

Re “On Philosophy, Biden Cabinet Leans Centrist” (front page, Dec. 20):

Long-held Democratic Party principles evaporated under Bill Clinton and his Democratic Leadership Council. They abandoned the workers of our country to curry favor with the corporate state and the uber-rich of the investor class. Keeping wages stagnant propelled stock wealth over these last 30 years. Even right now with people losing their jobs from the pandemic, the Dow Jones shoots for the moon.

Even now with people losing their health care along with their jobs, the health care industrial complex’s market capitalization passes the $7 trillion mark and investors are high-fiving all the way to the bank.

The Democratic Party used to be the party of the people, but now it belongs to Big Business and an investor class with no conscience.

Barbara Commins
San Francisco

To the Editor:

After four years of unpredictable madness coming out of the White House, a “centrist, establishment administration” is what I’m hoping for. No craziness, a mature understanding of how politics works, and the possibility (no matter how remote) of getting through Mitch McConnell’s logjam — the biggest danger to our democracy — would be refreshing and help me keep my breakfast down.

Philip Normand

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