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‘Boris has played a BLINDER’ Brexiteers delighted as UK ‘outflanks EU’ – deal clinched

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Brexit: Michel Barnier outlines ‘four pillars’ of deal

Daniel Kawczynski said the result was evidence that Lord David Frost and his negotiating team had “outflanked” the EU’s Michel Barnier, while party colleague Robert Halfon highlighted the Prime Minister’s achievement in finding something Michel Barnier and Nigel Farage could agree on. Mr Kawczysnki was speaking after the details of the deal were confirmed by both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission this afternoon.

The MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham told “I think PM and his team have played a blinder.

“They have outflanked the EU and I am very proud of the British team.”

Details of the agreement are still emerging – but it appears Lord Frost has succeeded in persuading the UK’s insistence that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) should have a role in settling future disputes.

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Mr Kawczynski added: “The removal of the ECJ is critical and the Prime Minister has done very well on that.”

He also said he had few concerns about legislation enshrining the agreement in law being approved by the House of Commons before the end of the year.

He explained: “I believe the deal will be easily ratified before Dec 31st.

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“Even Nigel Farage is not complaining about it!”

As for fishing, where Mr Johnson is thought to have made significant concessions in order to get a deal over the line, he said: “There is movement in Britain’s way on fishing already.

“And in time we will regain complete control of our fishing grounds but this is a good start.”

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Mr Halfon, Tory MP for Harlow, Essex, said: “Boris has pulled out some magic rabbits out of the Brexit hat, that’s for sure.

“He’s taken back control of our money, our laws and our fish.”

Referring to the Brexit Party leader’s unexpected praise earlier today, he added: “It’s an incredible achievement to get both Michel Barnier and Nigel Farage backing this deal.”

Tory MP for Lichfield Michael Fabricant tweeted: “Very welcome news that the UK & EU have reached agreement on the terms of a deal – one that provides confidence to business and helps keep trade flowing.

“Looking forward to seeing the detail in the coming days.”

In a statement issued this afternoon, Mr Johnson said: “This agreement with the European Union is designed to honour the instruction of the British people – expressed in the referendum of 2016 and the general election last year – to take back control of our laws, borders, money, trade and fisheries.

“It changes the basis of our relationship with our European neighbours from EU law to free trade and friendly cooperation.”

Mr Johnson added: “The responsibility now falls on our shoulders to take full advantage of the freedom of action our country has regained.

“Next year will be our opportunity to show what Global Britain can do, reasserting ourselves as a liberal free trading nation and a force for good in the world.”

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