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Student ‘murdered girlfriend then ate Subway meal inches from her dead body’

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A university student accused of murdering his fiancée ate a Subway inches away from her dead body, a court heard.

Madog Rowlands, 23, told jurors he was consumed by grief and self-hatred as he munched his meal.

He denies murdering Lauren Griffiths, 21, insisting he acted in self-defence after she grabbed him by the throat, WalesOnline reports.

Rowlands, from Wrexham, North Wales, said she attacked him first as she had a severe mental health episode at their flat in Cardiff, South Wales.

After strangling her on April 29 last year, he wrapped her body up using bin bags, clingfilm and sellotape, Newport Crown Court was told.

He also bought drugs and food following her death, it was said.

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Jurors heard he had a Subway order delivered to their flat.

Rowlands said: "I was depressed and consumed by self-hatred."

Michael Jones QC, prosecuting, said: "Were you consumed by self-hatred or were you just hungry?

"You ate that sandwich while sat on the mattress inches away from Lauren’s dead body."

Rowlands replied: "I still hated myself and I still do. I still loved her and I was still talking to her."

Mr Jones said: "What about?"

He replied: "About me and us, times we spent together."

The prosecutor said: "You wrote 'How happy, how happy, really good, it’s happy' on the Subway box. Why did you do that?"

Rowlands said: "I don’t know why I wrote that, it’s clearly me but I was under the effect of a lot of drugs."

The court previously heard Rowlands did not phone 999 until the next day.

Mr Jones said: "You knew she had been dead for over 24 hours, why didn’t you tell the operator that?"

Rowlands said: "I wish I had, I don’t know why I didn’t. In the moment I was just trying to do what he was telling me to do."

The prosecutor continued: "Were you giving the operator the impression you were doing the best for her when you had killed her more than 24 hours earlier."

Rowlands said: "I was just trying to do what he told me to do."

He also faced questions about internet searches he made while released on bail.

Mr Jones said: "You searched the term 'credit for guilty plea'. Did you search that to see what you would get if you admitted what you had done?"

Rowlands said: "No, I didn’t know what it meant."

Mr Jones said: "Why did you type in 'how to show remorse'?"

Rowlands said: "I was unfamiliar with the term and didn’t know what it was."

The prosecutor told him: "The truth is you’re a self-absorbed, manipulative person and what you did that day was to kill her and sought to blame her own vulnerabilities for her death, that’s the truth of this."

Rowlands replied: "No."

He denies murder. The trial continues.

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