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Rescue cat ‘chooses’ owner by cuddling his face within ‘two seconds’ of meeting

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Heartwarming footage has shown the moment a rescue cat “chose” her owner by snuggling up to him.

In the clip, the feline can be seen taking the unconventional position of sitting on new owner Jordan Liekweg's shoulder.

He moves the camera to show that the cat is cosying up to his neck and even moves her paw to seemingly hug him.

Jordan, from Seattle, Washington, US, shared the clip to Reddit with his account u/liekweg yesterday (December 8) and it has since been upvoted a whopping 118,000 times.

The new cat owner explained: “Within two seconds of meeting the cat I was adopting, she climbed onto my shoulders.”

And the comments section was filled with hundreds of people saying the feline had “chosen” him, while other shared similar experiences of their own pets.

“Always love seeing animals choose their people,” one said.

“My pup chose my fiancée. As soon as they met he jumped in her lap after being so incredibly shy to everyone else. Good for you man and treat that kitty well.”

Another said: “This is truly heartwarming. The two cats I adopted already as adults, were the ones doing that too. Mr Lawrence gave the best hugs, and Princess Cuddles used to sleep with me on my shoulder just like that. Your post brought me very happy memories.”

And a third added: “This is exactly how my partner adopted his cat. He sat on the floor and this cat walked up, sat in his lap, and started purring before any other cat got close.”

While a fourth joked: “I think you were the one adopted.”

It is not the first time felines have been filmed getting as close to their new owners as possible.

Back in September, a video showed a tiny rescue kitten relaxing inside his owner’s jumper.

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