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Boris Johnson warned caving to EU in final moments for Brexit deal would be ‘kamikaze’

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Boris Johnson says Brexit deal 'looking difficult'

And Daniel Kawczynski said he had confidence the Prime Minister to stick to his guns – while warning failure to do so would amount to “kamikaze” and “political suicide”. Mr Kawczynski, MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, was speaking in the midst of a critical week in which both sides are working feverishly to thrash out a post-Brexit trade deal.

However, like many of his party colleagues, including former leader Iain Duncan Smith and John Redwood, Mr Kawczynski has warned there is no point in agreeing to anything just for the sake of it.

He told “I have a lot of confidence in the Prime Minister’s political antennae.

“He was very effective during his period as Mayor of London for two terms and he has the largest majority in the House of Commons since 1987.

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“You don’t win a staunch socialist bastion like London twice, and win a majority of over 80 unless you have significant political antennae.”

Mr Kawczynski stressed: “I think he is very cognisant of, talking to senior Parliamentary colleagues, of this.

“We have all conveyed to him unequivocally that any deal which in any way either humiliates the United Kingdom, or impinges in any way on the new-found sovereignty which our constituents voted for, would obviously be wholly unacceptable.

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“It’s not something that we would be able to sell to our electorate, particuarly if, as in my case, they voted for Brexit.

“Therefore we have made our views clear – I think it would be kamikaze to cave in to what are risible and wholly unreasonable demands from the European Union.”

Addressing the EU’s objectives, Mr Kawczynski said: “They have an agenda of a vendetta, and a determination to shackle Britain to their own failing system.

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“It would be political suicide of the Government to acquiesce to those sorts of demands.

“The British electorate would throw them out of office.”

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier reportedly said at the weekend the UK was on the verge of compromising obn the key issue of fishing rights – but Mr Kawczynski said he did not believe there would be any weakening of the British position.

He explained: “The thing we have got going for us is that we do not have these dinosaurs in the Parliamentary Party who subsumed their loyalty, almost, to the European Union.

“We have a Prime Minister now who potentially could be the catalyst for the reassertion of an independent sovereign nation.

“He knows what the stakes in this are – the destruction of the Conservative Party, potentially, or going down in history as one of the great Prime Ministers that we have had in peacetime.”

In a significant development today, Mr Johnson has dropped plans which would have allowed ministers to break international law, after the UK and EU reached an agreement on the implementation of the divorce deal following a meeting between Michael Gove and EU Commissioner Maros Sefcovic today.

Nevertheless, there is no guarantee a trade deal will be struck.

Mr Johnson today admitted: “There are just limits beyond which no sensible, independent government or country could go and people have got to understand that.”

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